Apple quietly began repairing iPhones with third-party batteries
If employees find a third-party display or battery in a customer’s iPhone, but don’t see an issue with them, they’ll still work on the phone.
Apple stops supporting iPhone 5 for repairs, will begin vintage scheme
Apple is maintaining a category of vintage devices that may become eligible again for repairs under a new program that may be launched soon.
Nylon case not guaranteed to protect OnePlus 6 from all drops
One father learned the hard way that even with a case on his new, expensive OnePlus phone, a daughter will find a way to break something.
Apple repairing MacBook “Butterfly” keyboards for free
MacBook and MacBook Pro keyboards featuring the Butterfly switch design are well-known for failure after even a speck of dust slips in below the crevice…
iPhone X camera glass cracking, people wonder why
The cover glass on the camera system should be made of sapphire and, thus, shouldn’t crack easily — not from keys or coins or even drops.
OnePlus 6 teardown has surprises including some water proofing and a weird alert slider
The alert slider connects to a piston that connects to a soldered button attached to the motherboard. Well, this is already interesting.
Heat stress believed to be cause of iPhone 6s battery explosion at repair shop
If your iPhone’s getting hot and bothered, it may be causing the battery inside to bloat, allowing the screen to crack more easily. Get that battery replaced.
Samsung joins forces with uBreakiFix for same-day US repairs of select Galaxy phones
If you own a relatively new high-end Samsung smartphone in need of a quick repair, more than 300 uBreakiFix locations across the US are now certified for same-day official support.
ShatterShield peeling off edges of Moto Z2 Force, customers being charged for repair
Those who couldn’t or didn’t want to argue down the price were supposedly charged anywhere from $50 to $150 for the replacement of a part that used to be user-replaceable for $40.
No service? No problem! Apple will repair your iPhone 7 free of charge
If your iPhone 7 purchased in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macao or the US is showing “No Service” in the status bar when it shouldn’t, you’re probably eligible for a gratis repair.
Lacking iPhone 6 Plus repair stock, iPhone 6s Plus units may be given out
A directive to retail employees and third-party servicers indicates that as resources are extremely tight for iPhone 6 Plus customers that they could get a surprise upgrade.
At least seven iPhone 8 units have split apart
Two reports came out of Japan and Taiwan. One more then got out from Taiwan. Then came Canada, China, Greece and Hong Kong. What’s up with the iPhone 8?
iPhone warranty eligibility guidelines leaked
Apple’s warranty eligibility rules cover the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone 7. The leaked guideline is only just a guideline, though.
First OnePlus 5 teardown looks like a DIY enthusiast’s worst nightmare
Despite lacking a repairability score, this comprehensive OnePlus 5 teardown is far from encouraging for occasional smartphone handymen.
AirPod battery replacements are free from Apple in-warranty or with AppleCare
If you head to Apple to get your AirPods’ faulty batteries switched out, it’s free if it’s within warranty or under AppleCare.
uBreakiFix partners with Google for same-day Pixel screen repairs
Google has partnered with the phone repair store chain to provide OEM components for repairs as quick as the same day for many customers.
HTC unveils “HTC Advantage,” will fix your broken screen for free
Broken phone screen? No problem – as long as you’ve got an HTC One. Read on for details on the company’s ambitious new “HTC Advantage” plan.
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How to fix anything that’s wrong with your Android
Android problems can be divided into two categories, and the fixes for either type aren’t that difficult. Here’s how to fix your Android.