Pocketnow Daily: The Samsung Galaxy Note 10’s Price Tag… (video)

On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the possible price of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Facebook’s fine for the Cambridge Analytica issue and more

More sources are nailing down iPhone 8 design to look like this

Believe it or not, there’s a real-life version of this computer-rendered design that was made weeks ago. This is just more evidence.

Clear Nokia 8 picture leaked, unclear path forward

It’s in a shocking blue, has two cameras with Zeiss branding right next to them and, supposedly, specs on blast. You can see all of that with the pic.

Google Pixel XL2 design, squeeze UI feature detailed

There’s no use trying to fight it: the design has mostly been pat down for Google’s next-generation Pixel XL device. But there are caveats.

Trusted sources corroborate OnePlus 5 render

A leaked picture of the OnePlus 5 gives us a supposedly accurate view of what it will look like. How many cameras do you think it has?

Where the heck is Touch ID on the iPhone 8? No, seriously?

Is it on the screen? In the back? Top of the power button? Or will it not be there at all? Who really knows at this point?

An initial leak(?) at the back of the more expensive OnePlus 5

OnePlus may go upscale for the OnePlus 5 and a render of a potential design does reflect that. So, what happens to the price and will you complain?

Blass scores dated LG G6 renders to back up April 7 US launch

When you are looking for clues for “when,” always look first to the phone’s screen for a date. Then, make sure to see if it lands on the same calendar year.

Blass leaks out a media-grade render of the Galaxy S8

It’s pretty much what you would expect after a few months of looking at all the leaks that have come through Pocketnow. So, whaddaya think now?

evleaks and the LG G6 and the “OMG face”

And the color black and the FullVision display and the reaction and the marketing around all of it and the fact that it’s going to be at MWC, so here we go.

A Galaxy S8 render and a thought about concept renders [UPDATE]

The Galaxy S8 has been seen in pictures and renders of many sorts. But confusing them for “leaks” can lead to some credibility issues.

Samsung Display may have teased us with the Galaxy S8 in an ad

Samsung Display is promoting its AMOLED screens which will be set to shine on the Galaxy S8 coming soon. In fact, squint some and you’ll see it!(?)

Blass leaks Long Island project, the Huawei Mate 9 Pro

Both phones will be the same size and have most of the same specs except in a couple aspects related to virtual reality for Android’s Daydream platform.

LG LV5 leaked, but all is not what it seems

With only a codename to work with and a render to stare at, we’re pretty much stuck in guessing territory about this LV5 and whether it’s a flagship or not.

Could the Xiaomi Mi 5c be the Yotaphone China has wanted?

No, because the two are different things. One is a weirdo concept that we doubt will come to bear, the other gets more photos of it leaked.

LG V20 photo leak consistent with prior renders

There’s nothing really special here, other than a supposedly unreleased phone being backlit and the LG brand being emblazoned on there…

Two HTC Nexuses, one design? A recreation with many questions

Two differently sized Nexus phones this year may look pretty similar. HTC supposedly will make them and Google will supposedly sell them.

iPhone 7 dimensions near-identical to iPhone 6s according to CAD render

The iPhone 6s is 138.3mm tall. The iPhone 7 is said to be 138.3 tall. The iPhone 6s is 67.1mm wide. The iPhone 7 is said to be 67.1mm wide.

It’s another 3D render of the HTC One M10/Perfume/O2

We know it’s the junk food of mobile tech news, but like you, sometimes we can’t help ourselves. This HTC One M10 looks a little weird.
Nexus 5

If this is the Nexus 5, it’s beautiful, and everything I’d hoped it to be… well, almost

It’s that time of year again. Rumors are flying about the potential next Nexus. If the Nexus 5 rumors are true, I want one.

The HTC M7: Groundbreaking, or Just Another Android Flagship?

The rumored M7 from HTC looks like a worthy Android smartphone, but does it look capable of standing up to new threats like the Samsung Galaxy S IV? Read on for our thoughts on the newest leaks.

ZTE Orbit Lands On US Cellular As ZTE Render

US Cellular added the ZTE Orbit to its Windows Phone line-up as the ZTE Render.

Would You Buy This Microsoft-Made Windows Phone 8 Surface-Phone?

Microsoft Surface, as announced last week, generated a lot of buzz, dividing…