Pocketnow Daily: Your Next iPhone might have a REMOVABLE BATTERY?!(video)

On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the possibility of getting removable batteries in your next iPhone, Facebook’s F8 cancelation and more

The EU wants to bring back removable batteries

A set of leaked documents suggests that the EU is working on legislature to force all smartphone manufacturers to make batteries removable.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Duo manual confirms dual rear camera, removable battery

A low to mid-end Samsung Galaxy J7 Duo smartphone, carrying model number SM-J720F, is apparently in the pipeline with dual rear-facing cameras and a user-replaceable battery.

What is Pocketnow looking forward to in 2018?

Our publication has a wishlist (of sorts) for 2018 — because if it’s for Christmas, you’re trying way too hard. Will the mobile technology scene conform to our desires? Check out the trends we’re looking at.

Glass class of 2017: all-glass LG G6 rumored, headphone jack stays in

The battery will be embedded, a step away from prior LG G-series phones. But given how much we’ve heard leaked about this thing, there may be a big upside.

Would a removable battery have solved Samsung’s Note 7 problem?

Samsung’s Note 7 problem seems to revolve around the battery casing or manufacture. Would making them removable have solved this problem before it started?

LG V10 bundle promo is back with just a bit less love

LG. Could stand for “Life’s Good.” Could also stand for “Lucky Goldstar”…
removable batteries

The Galaxy Alpha and Note 4: proof positive that removable batteries don’t have to make your phone ugly

Whether or not you like the brand, Samsung’s Galaxy Alpha and Note 4 have proven that removable batteries don’t have to make your phone ugly.

Samsung makes a case for the removable battery at Lollapalooza in Chicago

Samsung really did something right at their #poweron tent at an all-day music fest in Chicago and showed why it’s great to have a removable battery.
portable batteries

Need more juice? We look at 3 portable batteries

Many of today’s devices don’t feature a removable battery, so let’s look at three portable batteries that you can use with your smartphone or tablet today!