Jide exits consumer space, discontinues Remix OS, Remix IO and IO+
Remix OS as consumers know it is dead, with Jide Technology no longer planning any new hardware releases, even refunding all Remix IO pledges.
Jide strikes again, already achieving Kickstarter goal for 4K-enabled ‘all-in-one’ Remix IO
The Android Nougat-powered Remix IO is more than a 4K-supporting Remix Mini sequel, blending set-top box, console and PC functionality.
Remix Mini drops Google services, Jide puts it on app compliance test
Jide, the company that made Remix OS and the Remix Mini, said that Google couldn’t get some of its Android apps to work properly.
Il-Lumia-nation | Pocketnow Weekly 177
Microsoft’s new Windows Phones were built not to sell in droves, but to satisfy fans. We talk about how well the Lumia 950 does that on this week’s podcast!
The Remix Mini puts Android in desktop form and is on Amazon
It’s not like Continuum where you plug in your phone and get…