Be careful about buying refurbished Chromebooks
When buying a refurbished Chromebook, be aware that some things might not work even after a hard reset.
You can now get a refurbished iPhone Xs and Xs Max from Apple
Apple added the 2018 models, the iPhone Xs and Xs Max, to its refurbished program. You’re saving anywhere between $300 and $350, compared to a new one.
Woot! has iPhone 6s from $150, iPhone 7 refurbs from $235
A 256GB iPhone for $285? If you don’t mind a little refurbishment work from a few dings and scratches, it could be yours if you act fast.
Refurbished iPhone X on sale at Apple from $769
The iPhone XS just doesn’t seem worth it for your dollar? Maybe you can take in a gently-loved iPhone X for a good discount.
Refurbished iPhone X on eBay for $600
Given that an iPhone XR costs $749 and it’s current the latest and cheapest iPhone out there, there’s always the iPhone X…
iPhone SE refurb for $85 also comes with discounted Straight Talk service if you want
Walmart is offering complimentary no-contract wireless service with the refurbished iPhone SE for $85.49. And you don’t even have to use the network.
Bevy of Daily Steals for Moto Z2 Force and other Moto Z devices refurbished
Five big Moto phones, all of them refurbished (read: not perfect), but affordable and functional. And they can even be more functional if you buy a Moto Mod with the money you save.
Act fast to get up to 30 percent off select refurbished iPad Pro models on Amazon
We’re still probably several months away from a new iPad Pro generation, but the existing one is already available at big discounts today only on Amazon.
Virgin Mobile offers extra $100 off iPhone 7, 6s, goes overboard for iPhone 6, SE
T-Mobile also has a big deal on the discontinued 256GB version of the iPhone 7, but if you’re running hard on the iPhone for cheap, Virgin’s got a thing.
Samsung Galaxy Note FE teardown reveals mostly familiar internals, significantly smaller battery
We already knew the battery inside the refurbished Note 7, aka Galaxy Note FE, was smaller than the original cell, but now we have the full picture.
Samsung quietly kicks off domestic sales of refurbished Galaxy Note 7, dubbed Note FE
Samsung’s refurbished Galaxy Note 7 has been a long time in “consideration”, finally going on sale in Korea today under the Note FE name.
Samsung Galaxy Note 7R, aka Note 7 FE, aka refurb Note 7, gets benchmarked with Full HD screen
If you still don’t see the point of a so-called Samsung Galaxy Note 7R or Note 7 FE, imagine a Full HD version with a sensible price point.
Samsung reportedly decides on Note FE (Fan Edition) name for refurb Galaxy Note 7
Samsung is boldly thinking of christening that divisive refurbished Galaxy Note 7 the Note FE, where the letters might stand for Fan Edition.
Samsung Galaxy Note 7R hinted for South Korea in June
A refurbished Galaxy Note 7 is expected to hit Korean carriers for the summer doldrums. And people are ready to snatch up a phone that won’t explode.
Both refurb and original Galaxy Note 7 score Wi-Fi certification running Android 7.0; wait, what?
While it’s no big secret that Samsung is cooking up a refurbished Galaxy Note 7, we don’t know what to make of the original model’s Nougat testing.
Would you buy a refurbished Samsung Note 7?
Samsung has fixed the Note 7…again! So it’s selling it…again! But questions remain – would you buy a refurbished Samsung Note 7?
Galaxy Note 7 refurb leaked in Vietnam, release imminent
Several elements of Samsung’s scheme to bring back the Galaxy Note 7 have been shown off in leaked photos of the device in Vietnam.
Samsung is officially ‘considering’ selling refurb Galaxy Note 7 ‘where applicable’
The where, when and how are still very much up in the air, but if regulators will allow it, the Galaxy Note 7 shall return in refurbished condition.
If you absolutely need a phone at Cricket, get a Microsoft Lumia 650 for 99 cents
It’s not exactly a thrift store phone, especially since the Microsoft Store is still selling the year-old phone for $199. Different story at Cricket.
Galaxy Note 7 explosion
Galaxy Note 7 refurb gets a codename, model number
While the Galaxy Note 8 has a model number pretty much set in stone, its codename may not be what we think it was. Plus, the Note 7 gets a new letter.
Samsung officially quashes rumors of refurbished Galaxy Note 7 program, at least in India
You know those sketchy rumors about a Galaxy Note 7 comeback in refurbished form that simply won’t go away? Samsung brushes them off for good… almost
Local government formally bans Apple from selling pre-owned iPhones in India
There will be no pre-owned iPhones “dumped” in India anytime soon, the local government has just informed, despite the best efforts of Apple CEO Tim Cook.
Nexus 6 wish list
Nexus 5 Woot sale goes awry, more discounts in place to patch reputation
Woot was selling new 32GB Nexus 5 smartphones for $150. Customers got 16GB refurbished units. Big oops. The company is trying to make right, though.
India puts a stop to Apple’s efforts of bringing used iPhones into the budget-friendly market
The Indian government reportedly listened to the majority of local smartphone vendors, which violently opposed imports and sales of pre-owned iPhones.
Indian manufacturers coalition hitting against Apple’s plan to sell used iPhones in country
Apple wants to import a ton of used iPhones to sell in India and manufacturers have several reasons to fight against that desire.