Samsung contesting $539 million payment to Apple in patent infringement case

The Korean tech company is also looking for a refund on damages it had to pay on a design patent that was later ruled invalidated.

Apple retroactively subsidizing iPhone battery replacements

Those who got the battery replaced on their iPhone 6 or newer device at an Apple-sanctioned facility anytime within 2017 are eligible to get $50 back.
Google Play Store

Google Play subscription refunds come into compliance with EU 14-day rule

For rolling digital services, European consumers are allowed 14 days to review their new subscription and, if desired, get a refund.

Amazon refunding Prime Exclusive phone owners who paid to kick the ads

Whatever customers paid to remove the lockscreen ads from their discount Prime Exclusive Android device, they’ll be getting back in account credit.

Preliminary class action settlement includes partial refund for water-damaged Sony devices

If your old Sony phone or tablet, “deceptively” advertised as waterproof, broke down due to water damage, a 50 percent refund could soon be headed your way.
Galaxy S8 Plus Infinity Display

T-Mobile Galaxy S8 update rolling out, overcorrects some units’ tints

What once was a bit reddish has now gone blue and red or even green and red for some. This update has brought more trouble than its worth.

Redditor dissatisfied that his Google Pixel speaker issue ends in refund

Mark Buckman, a professed “Google evangelist,” has lost some faith in the company after the way he believes the company handled his issue with the Pixel.

No shipments for Pebble Time 2, Core, Time Round with Fitbit acquisition

The smartwatch maker calls it quits in an abrupt fashion, leaving many without a fancy new smartwatch and a long refunding process ahead.
Nexus 5X camera

Nexus 5X warrantied repairs end in total refund from LG

LG is notifying some Nexus 5X owners that it cannot make repairs to the phone because of parts shortages. That means full refunds on the way.

Intel offering Basis B1 refunds in wake of platform shutdown

The Basis software platform is shutting down, which effectively makes every fitness tracker out there useless. That includes the Basis B1.

Samsung brings Galaxy Note 7 exchange gifts to the US, and Amazon refunds accessories

Willing to give Samsung a third chance after two Galaxy Note 7 recalls stateside, and go back to the S7? Here’s $100 in bill credit.

Galaxy Note 7 investigation will still take a few weeks, but freebies are offered now to Korean customers

Samsung needs a little more time to find out what caused all those Galaxy Note 7 fires, offering small gifts to customers in its homeland already.

Trying it, but don’t like it? Honor 5X, Honor 7 have money back guarantees for a limited time

If you’re buying either phone soon, you’re playing around with it and are just not liking it, you can send it back to Honor within 2 months for money back.