Upper-tier Xiaomi X1, potentially with 2:1 screen, may replace a flagging Redmi Pro series

The Redmi Pro apparently struggled in sales and could be crowded out with a decidedly improved device with a 2:1 display. Maybe.

Picking apart leaked Xiaomi Redmi Pro 2 specs

Instead of an OLED display, we’re dealing with LCD. Samsung provides the RAM and two of the three cameras. And what’s this about it being cheaper?

Xiaomi Redmi Pro 2 could be mere days away, high-end Mi 6 expected out next month

After an unusually slow beginning of the year, Xiaomi is reportedly gearing up to unveil Redmi Pro and Mi 5 sequels by the end of April.

Off-beat: Redmi Pro and Nokia 6 crack nuts because that’s a good idea for Weibo

Two Chinese dudes took two mid-range phones, nitpicked on each’s performance with video games and then smashed walnuts to pieces with each of them.

Xiaomi Mi 5s name confirmed, dual rear camera teased, pricing rumored

In roughly 96 hours, a Xiaomi Mi 5s is guaranteed to see daylight in China, possibly starting at around $300 with great cameras in tow.

OPPO shipments could hit an AMOLED ceiling, thanks to Samsung

Does OPPO go ahead with a major phone launch if it doesn’t have an AMOLED screen. Should it source from a company other Samsung? Big questions lie ahead.

Redmi Pro Mini said to trade Helio X20 for Snapdragon 652, price stays same

Compared to the original, the Mini’s screen will drop 0.3 inches, there will be one less camera on the back and it will cost just the same.

Redmi Pro OLED screens are from China, not Samsung

Xiaomi has turned to two domestic companies to make their OLED screens for the Redmi Pro, leaving Samsung and LG out of play.

Xiaomi Redmi Pro starts at a measly $225 with dual cameras, OLED screen, Helio X20

The Xiaomi Redmi Pro is most likely the world’s cheapest smartphone with dual rear cams in tow, also featuring an OLED 1080p screen and deca-core CPU.

Xiaomi Redmi Pro officially out July 27 with a “mysterious sidekick”

It will be a “mysterious sidekick” that joins the only device we know for sure that will be introduced by Xiaomi on July 27. So, what’s the Redmi Pro about?