Reddit finally brings support for native image galleries
Users will only be allowed to add 20 photos in an image gallery, but the company plans to add support for more media types such as videos and GIFs soon.
Reddit app on Android gets an Anonymous Browsing mode
When Anonymous Browsing mode is enabled, you cannot post, vote, comment, or perform any other activity that is associated with your account.
Reddit tests its own cryptocurrency to reward users for boosting engagement
Reddit’s cryptocurrency is called Community Points and it runs on the Ethereum network.
Reddit Start Chatting
Reddit pulls back “Start Chatting” feature within a day
The feature has been removed within a day of launch.
Reddit Start Chatting
Reddit introduces a new “Start Chatting” feature for users to bond over shared interests
A new way to share memes with like-minded people.
Reddit Start Chatting
Reddit now allows you to report suicidal users to offer support
Crisis Text Line provides 24/7 text-based support for anyone in crisis.
What’s causing faster battery drain in the OnePlus 6T?
A Reddit thread is growing with the confusion of dozens of OnePlus 6T owners wondering why their batteries have started choking out faster this week.
Google Fi may no longer be a “Project”
Google’s wireless service may not be a project anymore, but when is the new logo coming out? It’s seen right here in this greeting card.
Huawei Watch, Huawei Watch 2 updated to latest Wear OS
This iteration of Wear OS includes the one-swipe paradigm for all crucial interface points and the swipe-free notification shade.
Essential Audio Adapter HD near ready for release
During the company’s monthly Reddit AMA sesh, Essential also confirmed Android Q would be coming and that scrolling can be fixed-ish.
Google pisses off Pixel owners by changing battery settings for them
In fact, any smartphone owner who had Android Pie on their device was susceptible to this seemingly random toggling of power saver settings…
Spotify Car Player caught in Reddit thread from January
Seems like Spotify likes not only to test its marketing apparatuses out, but tease our minds with new hardware that it has wanted to put out.
Even LG is feeling out fan reaction on the notch
The discussion on Reddit has been more nuanced and thoughtful, but at the end of the day (and the display), aesthetics may matter more than electronics.
iPhone X leaked video shows poorly optimized Instagram app
We don’t know how far along most app developers are in converting their apps for viewing on an iPhone X, but one dev-Redditor says it will be Day 1 hell.
Android O dessert not named in Reddit AMA, but here are some highlights!
By the way, some jokey joke suggestions included “Oak Tree Cookie” and “Oobleck.” But there’s plenty of pertinent stuff to go through.
Verizon admits to “optimizing” amid accusations of Netflix throttling
It’s not just Netflix: YouTube and Verizon’s own go90 service is being affected. Is there a net neutrality issue here? It comes down to technicalities.
OnePlus 5 can’t complete emergency services calls, could be AOSP-based bug
911 and 999 calls made through a OnePlus 5 will not return a dispatcher from a call center but, instead, reboot the device.
Carl Pei gives us OnePlus 6 clickbait for OnePlus 5 AMA on Reddit
Co-founder Carl Pei thought it would be funny to suggest article titles for stuff he’s addressing on a Reddit AMA thread for the OnePlus 5.
On Reddit, Foxconn leakers AMA sees impacts on iPhone 8, Apple Iris
A unique, e-ink keyboard for Macs may not appear in color anytime soon while we may never get to see smart glasses from Apple…
Reddit: Apple price-matching policy going beyond 10 percent
Take this with a little salt, but word from management is that local price matching will definitely go beyond what Apple has done.
Spotify Hi-Fi price and feature tests go out on social media
Spotify Hi-Fi, as far as we know, has all of the features of Spotify Premium, but takes up streaming quality to lossless and give incentives to get vinyl.
John Legere filmed an announcement and Reddit just had T-Mobile Tuesdays complaints
Reddit jumped upon a teaser from T-Mobile CEO John Legere by complaining about how meh the T-Mobile Tuesdays perks have become.
Carl Pei goes on a tear on OnePlus 3 Reddit thread
The co-founder of OnePlus is frustrated with the notion that the OnePlus 3 is a product of compromise and corner-cutting for its value.
Microsoft jilts BLU Win JR LTE users expecting Windows 10 Mobile
For nearly a year, the BLU Win JR LTE was promised Windows 10 Mobile. It was physically impossible, but it was marketed that way, says a Redditor.
virtual reality
Oculus Rift pricing regrets from founder in Reddit AmA
Oculus founder Palmer Luckey came to his critics as the company’s flagship VR headset got what many called to be a surprisingly high price.