Daisy is Apple’s newest robot to help with iPhone recycling

Apple is redoubling its recycling efforts with a second-generation iPhone disassembly machine and donations to Conservation International.

Rethinking recycling with Samsung, iFixit and the Galaxy Upcycling program

The leading OEM is teaming up with one of the leading breakdown publications for all sorts of tech products to process old phones into new things.

You can now upgrade the cameras on the Fairphone 2

The rear camera goes up from 8 megapixels to 12 while the selfie unit goes from 2 to 5 megapixels. And you don’t toss the phone you have.

Samsung is officially ‘considering’ selling refurb Galaxy Note 7 ‘where applicable’

The where, when and how are still very much up in the air, but if regulators will allow it, the Galaxy Note 7 shall return in refurbished condition.

Apple Watch recycling program offers nothing in exchange

If you want to recycle an iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC or any other smartphone with Apple, heck, even an iPod, you might get something back from it.

There’s gold in them thar phones! Apple pulls a (literal) ton of gold out of old hardware

Apple hardware recycling isn’t just about saving the planet: the company shares just how much valuable material it was able to recover.

Apple’s Liam has a very particular set of skills with regards to recycling

The company showed off this neat-o mess of limbs in conjunction with a push for iPhone owners to contribute to the Apple Renew program.