Broadcom loses Qualcomm, has Apple lost Siri? | #PNWeekly 296

Former employees say Siri never had a way to lose because Apple never set a way forward for it. Also, Broadcom banned from acquiring Qualcomm.

Six types of AmazonBasics Portable Power Banks under recall affecting 260,000 units

Power packs of varying capacities are included in this recall, voluntarily forwarded by Amazon to the CPSC. Click through to see if yours is at risk of malfunctioning.

Unfastened Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 5th Gen screw poses fire hazard, leading to recall

A single unfastened screw is the difference between safe to use Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 5th Gen units and those you need to stop using immediately to have them inspected.

HP voluntarily recalls 50,000+ computer batteries posing fire and burn hazards

At least 50,000 HP laptops and mobile workstations sold between December 2015 and December 2017 are unsafe to use due to potentially overheating batteries.

Samsung Spain gives away hundreds of Galaxy Note 8 units on Iberia flight

A Southwest flight from Louisville to Baltimore last year was not normal. Today’s 7:30am flight from Madrid to A Coruña was not normal, but fun.

School district scraps $213K of Lenovo Chromebook N21, N22 for fire concerns

East Bridgewater public schools are switching to HP-made Chromebooks and iPads after some of the N21 and N22 laptops started smoking and sparking.

Refurbished AT&T Galaxy Note 4 being recalled for counterfeit batteries [UPDATE]

The devices in question are specifically units to fulfill insurance claims that were equipped and shipped by the FedEx Supply Chain.

NVIDIA Shield adapter recall affects units with European plug heads

If you use a “duck plug” head on your AC adapter for that NVIDIA Shield, Shield TV or got it from a charger kit, get a free replacement unit, stat.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7R hinted for South Korea in June

A refurbished Galaxy Note 7 is expected to hit Korean carriers for the summer doldrums. And people are ready to snatch up a phone that won’t explode.

Galaxy Note 7 refurb leaked in Vietnam, release imminent

Several elements of Samsung’s scheme to bring back the Galaxy Note 7 have been shown off in leaked photos of the device in Vietnam.

Samsung is officially ‘considering’ selling refurb Galaxy Note 7 ‘where applicable’

The where, when and how are still very much up in the air, but if regulators will allow it, the Galaxy Note 7 shall return in refurbished condition.

Samsung finally looks to tie up loose ends with charge-disabling Galaxy Note 7 update in Korea

For some reason, it took Samsung almost six whole months to realize preventing the Galaxy Note 7 in Korea from charging altogether is for the best.

Samsung officially quashes rumors of refurbished Galaxy Note 7 program, at least in India

You know those sketchy rumors about a Galaxy Note 7 comeback in refurbished form that simply won’t go away? Samsung brushes them off for good… almost

Emerging markets could see Galaxy Note 7 revived with smaller battery

The company has thumbed India and Vietnam to get the refurbished Note 7 units that will be equipped with a smaller battery than the one originally provided.

Fire in waste unit erupts at Samsung SDI factory in China

No reports of major implications have come out of this fire in the Beijing-adjacent city of Tianjin, but there is the perception factor.

Barnes & Noble issues voluntary recall of dangerous Nook Tablet 7 chargers

While there’s no reason to fear or try to return your ultra-low-cost new Nook Tablet 7, Barnes & Noble admits its power adapter can be dangerous.

Samsung dissects Galaxy Note 7 cause of death

The failure points center around the battery: missing insulation tape which was thin to begin with and extremely tight design tolerances contributed.

Samsung will globally live stream Galaxy Note 7 explanation event on January 23 (22 in US)

It’s officially official now – Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 investigations are over, with findings and a quality enhancement plan going public in a few days.

Verizon Galaxy Note 7 users who bypass stop-charge update will soon face no kid gloves

The owners of the recalled phone number in the thousands. And after such a drawn out take-in process, the network has decided to play tough with them.

Reuters told that Galaxy Note 7 probe squarely blames faulty batteries

Contrary to information provided from a company source to a Korean outlet, the wire service is being told that a different main reason for the blasts.

Barnes & Noble halts Nook Tablet 7 sales, considering recall due to charger issues

If the $50 Nook Tablet 7 felt a little too good to be… so cheap, it’s probably because it’s pre-loaded with spyware, as well as plagued by adapter flaws.

Supposed Galaxy Note 7 autopsy leaked out a week early

An official said that the smartphone fell victim to feature overload, poor design for heat dispersion and unchecked thermal runaway.

LG once again feels the need to declare G6’s battery safe

The big safeguard the chaebol is promoting in order to ensure consumers’ attention to safety is met? A heat pipe. Like on the Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung says over 96 percent of Note 7 units are returned, as FAA lifts airline warnings

US airlines are no longer required they warn their passengers of Galaxy Note 7 restrictions, as 96 percent of faulty phones are now out of circulation.

Guiltless of Note 7 failure, Samsung SDI is to make Galaxy S8 batteries

The company that provided the Galaxy Note 7 with batteries that exploded on the odd case is reportedly not to blame for those events.