OPPO Vice President resigns to focus on new brand Realme
Former OPPO Vice President and head of OPPO’s overseas business department, is resigning his position within the company, to become global CEO of Realme.
OPPO’s India-exclusive Realme 1 phone starts at $135 with 6-inch ‘full screen’
The ultra-affordable Realme 1 is the first phone from OPPO’s new India-exclusive sub-brand, packing up to 6GB RAM and 128GB storage while looking surprisingly pretty.
OPPO’s Realme 1 specs leaked days before launch
An almost-complete spec sheet has been leaked out and the sourcing of this has probably not been a pretty process with pretty consequences.
OPPO launches Realme brand, made in India for India
The Chinese tech company is ready to launch a self-contained brand in India focusing on good, local, inexpensive phones for students and millennials.