Corporate restructuring may have killed Razer Phone 3
The gaming peripherals company is undergoing a corporate restructure and is moving staff away from newer side projects like the Razer Phones.
Pixel 3 in the East, Razer Phone 2 in the West | #PNWeekly 327
This week’s show is all about the Google-Razer divide. The Pixel phones may be a software showcase for Android, but Razer brings hardware for gamers.
Hours from announcement, Razer Phone 2 leaks completely
Of all the places, it was a fat finger at Amazon Italy that led to this complete leak of the Razer Phone 2, specs, pricing and all.
Razer Phone 2 set to debut October 10
After telling investors that it would be following up from the Razer Phone with another flagship device, look what shows up in our email…
Why mess up a good thing in Razer Phone 2 leaks?
It’s a single render and it doesn’t scream anything out of the ordinary when put next to a picture of the original Razer Phone.
Get $300 off the Razer Phone with just a magic word
More than 40 percent off the first gaming phone in the United States? It shouldn’t be too much effort to put in a promo code.
Project Linda could launch with Razer Phone sequel in September
There’s supposedly a Razer Phone 2 on the way. And if that’s the case, it could make sense to commercialize Project Linda with a complementary release…
Razer Phone is the world’s first mobile device to support both Netflix HDR and Dolby 5.1
Ultra-premium video and audio formats for Netflix streaming are coming to the already impressive Razer Phone in a firmware update later this month.
The Razer Phone slathers the specs to turn on gamers
Controllers, gaming laptops, now, a gaming smartphone. And Razer does not skimp on the specs. But it does offer a surprise in the price.
Lead Nextbit Robin designer leaves Razer to establish new studio with a former colleague from HTC
Two HTC design veterans, one of whom joined Razer early this year after creating the Nextbit Robin, have quit their high-profile jobs to start from scratch.