It seems that Google Chrome will reduce RAM usage with the latest Windows 10 updates
The latest Windows 10 software update may help Google Chrome to work without having to use too much RAM
HUAWEI P40 Pro+ vs Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
Android smartphones with the most RAM in the market – March 2020
We have made a list with the best Android smartphones in the market that include the most significant amount of RAM available right now
Rumors give 12GB RAM in all Galaxy S20 models, 16GB in the S20 Ultra
We could have more RAM in the most expensive variant of the Samsung Galaxy S20, but we could also lose another great feature
New renders give us the possible design of the Samsung Galaxy S11e
We have new renders of the new Samsung Galaxy S11e that gets some design changes when compared to its predecessor the Galaxy S10e
The Samsung Galaxy S11 5G will bring tons of power according to benchmarks
The new 5G variant of the Samsung Galaxy S11 will have tons of RAM under its hood, but maybe not as much storage as its LTE variant
Samsung starts mass producing 12GB RAM ahead of Note10 launch
Samsung today announced that it started mass production for its 12Gb LPDDR5 RAM, aimed at premium smartphones, and optimized for 5G an AI applications.
Galaxy S10 RAM
The Galaxy S10+ and Galaxy S10 RAM controversy: 6GB or 8GB RAM?
There’s a real concern about the Galaxy S10+ and Galaxy S10 RAM capacity. Is there a 6GB version of the phone after all? Samsung reacts.
Should we expect 12GB of RAM in the Samsung Galaxy S10?
Smartphones with 10GB of RAM are here, but some people think a Samsung Galaxy S10 with 12GB of RAM could be something to expect, kind off
The OPPO Find X might be the first smartphone with 10GB of RAM
There is a new variant of the OPPO Find X that will include 10GB of RAM according to TENAA in China, we’re just waiting for a launch date
Samsung 2nd generation 10-nano level mobile DRAM mass-production begins
Samsung has begun the mass production of the second-generation, 10-nanometer-class (1y-nm) LPDDR4X (Low Power, Double Data Rate, 4X) DRAM.
Toshiba decides to sell chip business to SK Hynix group, backed by Apple
The mobile memory chip market is dominated by Samsung and SK Hynix may be able to finally take on its domestic cohort with this deal.
How the iPhone 8 ruined the Huawei P10 for memory freaks
Apple is throwing its weight around by commanding a lot of production capacity for memory chips, leaving the competition in jitters.
Huawei P10 memory chip speeds worryingly inconsistent between eMMC 5.1 and UFS 2.1
Critics across social media are inferring from benchmarks and other evidence that Huawei is using different grades of RAM and flash storage chips.
$60 to a shady Chinese shop upgrades the Nexus 5X RAM, SoC
Not only that, but there’s a Snapdragon 810 in the situation, too. It all stems from a bootloop situation in Hong Kong and an outdated warranty.
iPhone 7 Plus multitasking takes advantage of RAM with iOS 10.1 beta
Even with more RAM, the iPhone 7 Plus didn’t really do much better in multitasking than the iPhone 7. Until, supposedly, with the iOS 10.1 beta.
Taiwanese industry sources expect 3GB RAM iPhones
Which ones? We don’t know. The iPhone 7 (or iPhone 6SE) may get more RAM. It may not. The Plus more likely might get it. Rumors are rumors.
OnePlus 3 OTA coming to fix everything
So many criticisms, so little time to fix them. OnePlus will be addressing concerns about the OnePlus 3’s display color gamut and RAM handling.
Do We Really Need 2GB of RAM On Our Phones?
“No one will ever need more than 640KB of RAM”, at least…