Oppo R9 Plus, R9 and F1s score Android Marshmallow, yes, Marshmallow update in Australia

2016 called, and it wants its software updates back from OPPO, which only now rolls out Android 6.0 Marshmallow for the R9, R9 Plus and F1s.

OPPO and Huawei share 2016 China smartphone domination, Apple ‘remains vulnerable’

OPPO was the number one smartphone vendor in China during Q4, and it also had the top-selling 2016 model. Apple wasted a year.

Apple had the three most popular US phones through November, Android dominated China

Kantar’s smartphone sales charts for the September – November 2016 timeframe were dominated by iPhones stateside, and Android models everywhere else.

OPPO R9s Plus revealed to pack brand-new Snapdragon 653 SoC, 6GB RAM

The very soon to be unveiled OPPO R9s Plus sounds like quite the memorable Android mid-ranger, 6GB RAM and Snapdragon 653 inside.

Benchmark confirms several OPPO R9s key specs, including Snapdragon 625 SoC

Expected out as early as next week, the OPPO R9s apparently features an octa-core Snapdragon 625 processor and 4GB RAM.

OPPO R9s is officially slated for October 19 launch with Sony IMX398 camera sensor

The soon to be unveiled OPPO R9s should vastly improve the camera performance of its predecessor, with a dual-pixel 16MP Sony snapper.

OPPO R9S and R9S Plus seen in ads, marketing material

A seven-month improvement off the OPPO R9 and R9 Plus and there’s a whole bunch of business and ballyhoo to get excited for the R9S.

Galaxy S7 Edge rules best-selling Android smartphone list, surprisingly followed by J2

Unsurprisingly, the Galaxy S7 Edge racked up the best H1 2016 sales numbers of all of the world’s Android phones. Shockingly, the Galaxy J2 ranked second.

OPPO just won its first ever month in China smartphone sales, Huawei settled for silver

OPPO is the new overall leader of smartphone sales in the all-important market of China, at least for the month of June, followed by Huawei in second.

OPPO could be this year’s big smartphone winner, with 100 million unit sales attainable

Previously forecasted to sell “only” 80 million smartphones in 2016, OPPO can now realistically expect a yearly total of as much as 100 mil units.

Huawei shipments expected to be pared back, OPPO still growing [UPDATE]

The third-largest smartphone manufacturer in the world is rumored to be moving the goal posts to more conservative positions for the year.

With a sale every 1.1 seconds, OPPO F1 Plus reaches impressive 7 million total

The upper mid-range OPPO F1 Plus may well be the world’s best-selling Android underdog, with 7 million units totaled in less than three months.

OPPO F1 Plus helps OEM prevail in offline China sales in March

OPPO was China’s most popular smartphone vendor in March, with its overall domestic sales numbers boosted by the late-month launch of the F1 Plus, aka R9.

Oppo F1 Plus vs iPhone 6S: Selfie Camera Battle

Selfie’s are a big deal, and Oppo thinks they’ve got a monster solution. A phone with a 16MP front camera. Here’s out Oppo F1 vs iPhone 6S selfie battle!

OPPO F1 Plus goes official as international R9 equivalent, 16MP selfie cam and all

If you’re familiar with the China-only OPPO R9, you’re also familiar with the Europe-bound OPPO F1 Plus “selfie expert”.

OPPO R9 sales number 180,000 in first 24 hours

Xiaomi still beats OPPO in 24-hour action, but it can still push a mighty number of phones out. Take the latest ones, the R9 and R9 Plus.

OPPO R9 and R9 Plus selfie flagships go official with crazy 16MP front cameras

The OPPO R9 and R9 Plus have a lot going for them, including all-metal bodies, fingerprint scanners, 4GB RAM and especially 16MP front-facing shooters.

OPPO R9 and R9 Plus officially scheduled for March 17 Beijing announcement

Save the date, affordable Android flagship phone enthusiasts, as the OPPO R9 and R9 Plus will definitely go official on March 17 in Beijing, China.

OPPO R9 teaser suggests VOOC, not Super VOOC flash charge tech will be supported

Recently unveiled at MWC, Super VOOC fast-charging technology may unfortunately not be ready for commercial OPPO R9 adoption.

OPPO R9 and R9 Plus unlikely to pack Snapdragon 820, will also stick to Full HD screens

Expected out in a couple of weeks, the high-end OPPO R9 and R9 Plus handhelds will apparently snub the Snapdragon 820 and Quad HD display fad.

OPPO R9 and R9 Plus tipped for March 17 announcements with top-tier cams, SoCs

Instead of a long-rumored Find 9, we could see the OPPO R9 and R9 Plus unveiled before long, with Snapdragon 820 processors inside.