OPPO R11s takes unique dual camera approach, also boasting stellar screen-to-body ratio
Similar but overall superior to the F5 “selfie expert”, the OPPO R11s might share its very eye-catching design with the upcoming OnePlus 5T.
OPPO F5 ‘selfie expert’ is properly unveiled with single AI-enhanced front camera, ‘full screen’ design
Following a long and unconventional buzz-building campaign, the selfie-focused OPPO F5 has been properly announced and fully detailed in the Philippines.
‘Full-screen’ OPPO R11s lays its cards on the table ahead of OnePlus 5T announcement
If the OPPO R11 foreshadowed the OnePlus 5, the OPPO R11s “pre-announced” today and due out on November 2 could offer us a preview of the OP5T design.