BlackBerry KEYone sequel inches closer to release with benchmark ‘confirming’ 6GB RAM
We have no idea how TCL intends to name this BlackBerry KEYone follow-up (maybe KEYtwo), but 6GB RAM and a Snapdragon 660 SoC seem etched in stone.
TCL has own-brand phones, at least two more BlackBerries, and maybe even Palm stuff on the way
China’s TCL is looking to further ramp up its smartphone-producing efforts this year, with own-brand, BlackBerry and… Palm hardware?!
BlackBerry going Android
BlackBerry’s in-house smartphone swan song is still ‘coming’, QWERTY keyboard and all
Contrary to popular belief, BlackBerry isn’t altogether done with internally building smartphones yet, prepping one final keyboard design.
Could a tall BlackBerry DTEK70 really have an intractable keyboard?
A leaked picture purporting to show the phone in a super-tall and thin form also looks to show a keyboard. It’s a stationary one.
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 accessories rumored to include keyboard cover
An extensive list of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 accessories prematurely available for pre-orders includes yet another QWERTY keyboard cover.
Galaxy S6 edge+ keyboard cover leak brings new hope to QWERTY fans
Could this odd Samsung keyboard cover really emerge as an official Galaxy S6 edge+ accessory? We may find out soon.
HTC Mogul / HTC Titan: Pocketnow Throwback (Video)
The HTC Mogul (aka HTC Titan/PPC-6800) was one of the most powerful smartphones of its day. Come with us back to 2007 to rediscover this QWERTY behemoth.
Your thoughts on the iPhone 5S colors, Steve Ballmer, Moto X colors & more – Pocketnow Daily Recap
Pocketnow Daily gets an average of 3 to 500 comments a day,…
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Read why you can’t insist on smartphones with hardware keyboards while simultaneously claiming to be a real smartphone enthusiast.
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We covered its all-touchscreen predecessor, the Z10, earlier this year; how will the QWERTY-packing new kid stack up? Read on for our BlackBerry Q10 review!
Would you use a smartphone with a physical keyboard again?
Portrait QWERTY smartphones were everywhere in 2006, but the form factor is now nearly extinct. Read why this is one form factor we don’t want to see die.
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The Pocketnow Weekly Podcast, Episode 038
A phablet battle, a Facebook phone, sapphire dreams, the promise of a Lumia 950, and the peril of Android Trojans. All that and more on today’s Pocketnow Weekly! So strap on your favorite ‘buds and give it a listen.
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Read why BlackBerry 10 and the Q10 smartphone might not be enough to help hardware QWERTY keyboards regain their lost popularity.
Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE Review
The Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE is one of very few Sprint smartphones with a hardware QWERTY keyboard, but it can’t succeed on that distinction alone. It’s got not one, but two venerable brand names to live up to. Read our full review (and watch the enclosed video) to find out if it succeeds!