Android Oreo on Android Wear 2.0: the device list

A few of the big Android 8.0 features are coming to the smartwatch platform on just about a few dozen devices. Some devices have already received it.

Google APK code could hint at Echo Show mimic, Google Home UI update

A smart speaker with a touchscreen from Google may run right up against Amazon’s Alexa-powered Echo Show. But what’s “Quartz?”

ZTE Quartz is half off at T-Mobile again

This Android Wear 2.0 watch went for 75 percent off last month on an EIP, but this deal is redeemable either through EIP or outright.

ZTE Quartz just $48 over two years for a limited time on T-Mobile

The T-Mobile-exclusive Android Wear 2.0 smartwatch is yours for that cheap if you pay over 24 months and get cellular service with it.

Second ZTE Quartz software update is over the air now

At this rate, ZTE has put up an update once a month for its first Android Wear 2.0 watch. The Quartz is cared for, if not anything else.

The LG G6 sucks, but kinda only in this one aspect… | #PNWeekly 248

We discuss that aspect as well as our review process for lacking coverage in that specific aspect and, of course, Burger King. All in this week’s show!

T-Mobile’s ZTE Quartz is a dirt-cheap Android Wear 2.0 smartwatch with cellular support

The T-Mobile-exclusive ZTE Quartz is an acceptable smartwatch powered by Android Wear 2.0 out the box, priced at an ultra-low $192.

O wow, it’s the first Android O developer preview | #PNWeekly 245

We delve into the nuances of what software features will hit home with most users as well as other mobile tech news of the week in our podcast!

ZTE Quartz smartwatch stars in unimpressive leaked live pics, reportedly also lacking NFC

No NFC or 4G LTE connectivity, and a divisive design, to say the least. This as-yet unreleased ZTE Quartz Android Wear smartwatch might be DOA.

MWC 2017 wrap-up: what *did* we just see?

The Nokia 3310 was not MWC. It was nowhere near the story of MWC. Huawei, LG, BlackBerry and Samsung led in Barcelona and we’ve got the in-betweens, too.

ZTE Quartz leaked to be company’s Android Wear 2.0 push

All we know about the watch so far is that it has a round face and that it has cellular radios. Also, it’s almost definitely an MWC shoe-in.