Black AirUnleashed

Limited edition Black AirUnleashed introduced, available at discounted price

In celebration of Black Friday, the company doesn’t only discount the accessory, but it also introduces a limited edition Black AirUnleashed model.

AirPods updated with wireless charging case, new silicon

You can place the new AirPods charging case on a Qi charging pad. It costs $79. No, not the AirPods themselves. Those cost more.

Tipster says 15-minute wireless charges for Apple AirPods

Second-generation AirPods have consistently been rumored to be able to charge wirelessly. But this leak proclaims incredulous speed.

Qualcomm introduces Quick Charge for Wireless Power

Qualcomm introduced a new charging standard, called Quick Charge for Wireless Power, which aims to speed up wireless charging times.
Galaxy S10 reverse wireless charging

Samsung Galaxy S10 reverse wireless charging to charge new Gear Buds

We know that the Galaxy S10 reverse wireless charging feature will be useful but with the new Gear Buds it will be a battery life saver!

Apple AirPower charging mat production to start this month?

According to recent reports, the Apple AirPower wireless charging mat will enter production later this month, after missing its target last year.

Is Wireless Charging coming to future OPPO and OnePlus phones?

OPPO has joined the Wireless Power Consortium which could very well mean QI wireless charging could come to future OPPO and OnePlus phones.

AT&T Power Drum revealed unofficially as 3,000mAh Qi dual-device charger

It can charge Apple and Samsung phones as well as the Apple Watch and it will cost about $100 whenever it launches for real.

2018 is over and Apple has broken its promise on the AirPower mat

Apple spoke of it in September of 2017 – a multi-device wireless charging mat. It said it would be coming in 2018. It’s not 2018 anymore. What happens now?

For wireless charging, a Pixel Stand to go with your Pixel 3 XL

Finaly, a Pixel phone from Google that can charge wirelessly through Qi! That took a while. Thing is, it’s quite a bit of cash for the show.

Huawei Mate 20 will have the handiest wireless charging feature… but you have to buy into it

Are you going to spend upwards of $160 to take advantage of it? It brings high-quality, cable-free listening to your devices.

BLU Vivo XI+ debuts as company relaunches with streamlined approach

Last week, the company made promises to be a better phone maker. It continued to make those promises with the launch of the Vivo XI+.

Samsung Wireless Charger Duo comes out before Apple’s AirPower pad

The charging pad can take two devices, be it two phones, a phone and a smartwatch or anything Qi-compatible. And it’s only $120.

No wireless charging on the HTC U12+? Too thick, too slick, not quick

HTC has argued that the wireless charging experience is far from convenient enough to include on the U12+. Wires should get things done quicker.

Geskin: iPhone SE 2 glass back design will allow for wireless charging

At this point, it sounds like the sequel to 2016’s budget iPhone will adopt a design that allows it to have one feature that the other, more expensive iPhones have.

Samsung fast wireless charging pad is $20 off

Why hassle with cables? Slide on your phone for up to 9 watts of power flow and then pick it up and head out. It’s just $49.99 for the time being.

LG V30 has Qi Extended Power Profile for 8W wireless charging

It’s about 30 percent faster than regular Qi wireless charging rates and LG claims it to be the first phone that supports it.

iPhone 8 and iPhone X cases made by Apple will allow for wireless charging

The new products are made of silicon and leather and will, indeed, allow for Qi wireless charging pulses to pass through their material.

Powermat touts new iPhone wireless charging

Remember the company that plopped a bunch of wireless chargers into Starbucks that few people could use? With the new iPhones, you can now use them.

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are plain ‘ol improvements

The standard-bearer iPhones get new Retina Displays, new cameras and new price tags. And all of them are on the upside of things.

Source says there’s iPhone 8 panic at Apple, and not the good kind

Software engineers are tipped to be on a scary slope to delays for major features like facial recognition and wireless charging on this $1,000+ iPhone.

Apple joins Wireless Power Consortium, the group behind Qi

Are you feeling the Qi yet? Apple may soon be. The company used a Qi-derived wireless charging standard for the Apple Watch’s charging cradle.

Sources point to big steps in LG wireless charging tech

Industry sources are saying that LG has just wrapped development on a smartphone that can wirelessly be charged from up to 7cm away.

Mophie debuts Juice Pack Wireless for iPhone 6 onwards

The company already has cases for the wireless charging-capable Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, now it’s the iPhone’s turn. Also, more charging mounts are out.

Wireless charging was awesome, so what happened to it?

Wireless charging was one of those really cool things you could do to your phone, but it’s not around a lot anymore. So what gives?