One Pixel 2 XL unit came without proper Android ROM

It could’ve been a corrupted ROM that couldn’t be booted or there might not have been a ROM in the first place. It’s hilarious if not just incompetent.

Google ships Pixel 2 that failed QA while other units click and beep

Many Pixel owners didn’t get the right tender love and care they deserved — they wanted their damn phones to work. Boy, is it a mess this time.

LG shows off V20 safety tests in wake of Note 7 fallout

LG officials showed how the V20 undergoes a 60,000-point test to meet certain durability standards before heading out for sale.

This Galaxy Note 7 S Pen issue is all about the QA or lack thereof

That spring in the S Pen on the Galaxy Note 7 that is supposed to pop it into your fingers when you need it? Maybe not so reliable.