Mid-range LG Q7 family unveiled with ‘FullVision’ screens, AI, Hi-Fi Audio and fingerprint sensors

The LG Q7, Q7+ and Q7α are set to begin their global rollouts in Europe early next month at unspecified prices, with modern designs and a great number of “premium” features in tow.

There’s an LG Q7 in the pipeline with 4GB RAM, Helio P10 SoC and ‘FullVision’ screen

Just like last year’s LG G6 inspired a budget-friendly Q6, an LG Q7 is apparently coming soon with midding specs in tow and presumably thin bezels.

LG G6 and Q6 borrow ‘unique and exciting’ new colors from V30 in ‘key’ markets

Both the high-end LG G6 and mid-range Q6 are expanding their color options with Moroccan Blue and Lavender Violet, while the former is also getting a Raspberry Rose flavor.

You can get big discounts on several Amazon Prime Exclusive phones for Christmas

The Moto X4 leads the latest list of heavily discounted Amazon Prime Exclusive smartphones, alongside ad-supported LG X charge and Q6 variants.

The Pocketnow Black Friday 2017 deals watchlist

So many deals, so little time. But if it’s just a few clicks away anyways, you can take a little time to do a little research. We have it all in one place.

Get early Black Friday discounts on LG Q6, G6+ and Moto E4 Plus with Amazon Prime

Black Friday comes early this year for Amazon Prime subscribers, as ad-supported LG Q6, G6+ and Moto E4 Plus variants are already heavily discounted.

LG Display wins in earnings, LG phones losing out

But even with that red ink, LG’s mobile communications unit has been improving with the whole of LG Electronics. There’s also downward pressure on displays.

LG G6, G6+, Q6 and X charge join Amazon Prime Exclusive Phones program

No less than four LG smartphones are sold with lockscreen offers and ads for Amazon Prime members starting today, including the G6 and G6+.

Mid-range LG Q6 with FullVision display goes on sale in Korea this week, expanding worldwide soon

Priced at the rough equivalent of $375 and scheduled for a domestic launch on August 2, the “FullVision” LG Q6 is also headed to more markets soon.

Now official, LG Q6 comes in a trio from Q6+ to Q6α

The “mini” LG G6 actually comes with three sizes of engine. And they’re all hitting Asia as a more affordable bleeding edge phone display experience.

Case renders for LG Q6 tip it off to be as diminutive as we’d thought

It’s very spartan design for a “mini” flagship phone with one particular flair. But will it be strong enough to resonate with its target audience?

Diminutive G6 confirmed to land July 11 as LG Q6 with ‘FullVision’ display, facial recognition

Almost certainly dubbed LG Q6 instead of G6 mini, the company’s second “FullVision” phone is just hours away from a formal announcement.

Geekbench says LG Q6 specs include Snapdragon 430

A 32-bit processor on a phone that would otherwise feature a near-flagship software experience, just in a smaller form. In 2017?

LG Q6 launch looks good for a go, at least in Poland, on July 11

And as it is summer in the country and LG is willingly and readily admitting that the letter “Q” is involved with it, why not a “BarbeQ” to celebrate?

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LG G6 review

LG G6 mini may be known as “Q6” with extra-wide screen

Would a 5.4-inch display at a 2:1 aspect ratio really be that much smaller than a 5.7-inch screen? We may soon find out about the LG Q6.