Obama dropped BlackBerry and now the Senate has, too

Staffers have been clinging onto their BlackBerrys for a while, but with the Ontario-based company turning a different leaf, it may not be for much longer.

BlackBerry 10.2.1 review: ten pounds of upgrade in a five-pound bag (Video)

The world’s fourth-largest smartphone platform just got a ton of improvements. Find out how well they work together in our BlackBerry 10.2.1 review video!

Looking to the past won’t save BlackBerry

It’s a phone that recalls the very best of RIM’s glory days, and one I might buy myself – but the BlackBerry Q20 banks on nostalgia that no longer exists.

BlackBerry Z30: what we love and what we don’t (Video)

While it’s not a full BlackBerry Z30 review, we have spent a few days with the latest high-end BB10 smartphone; here’s what we love, and what we don’t.

Black Friday smartphone deals 2013: a contrarian’s guide

Eager to save money but wary of buying too close to the mainstream? Check out our contrarian’s guide to the best Black Friday smartphone deals of 2013!

Top 5 devices to skip for Fall 2013 (video)

With so many questions day by day about viewers still considering alternatives…

Pocketnow Weekly 063: Apple soars, BlackBerry plummets, and HTC & Beats divorce

Apple can’t meet iPhone demand as the Galaxy Note 3 hits shelves, and meanwhile nothing can save poor BlackBerry. All this & more, on Pocketnow Weekly 063.

Five terrible phone hardware decisions we’ll never forget

In the smartphone world, not everything can be a hit – and even hot devices have their low points. Here’s 5 missteps ranging from the serious to the inane.

BlackBerry 10 could see its own Porsche Design model

Investigate the new evidence pointing to a possible BlackBerry 10 Porsche Design handset.

Samsung ATIV S Neo retail launch date leaked

Find out when the ATIV S Neo retail launch should take place on Sprint, along with those for a few other Sprint handsets.

Pocketnow Weekly 051: Baby, you’re a firework

If the words “Nokia Lumia 909,” “magenta Moto X,” or “HTC One Play Edition” get your flag waving, tune in to today’s Pocketnow Weekly mobile tech podcast!

Does BlackBerry stand a chance anymore?

Did BlackBerry 10 stem the bleeding for the Waterloo-based firm? After trying BlackBerry 10, the future of BlackBerry is uncertain. Read on to learn why!

The BlackBerry Q10 needs a trackpad

BlackBerry released the Q10 to maintain some of its roots. But there are some hardware changes we can’t accept. Learn why we think the Q10 needs a trackpad.

Pocketnow Weekly 049: Samsung keeps making stuff, we keep squawking about it (Samsung Premiere 2013)

A bevy of Galaxy & ATIV smartphones and tablets landed at Samsung Premiere 2013, and your trusty team of podcasters is here to tell you all about it.

BlackBerry Q10 Review

We covered its all-touchscreen predecessor, the Z10, earlier this year; how will the QWERTY-packing new kid stack up? Read on for our BlackBerry Q10 review!

Let’s get physical (again): a weekend back on physical QWERTY

Touch keys are nice, but the new BlackBerry Q10 has temporarily returned us to tactility. Here’s how we feel after 3 days back on a QWERTY smartphone.

BlackBerry 10.2 to support Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean apps

As much as BlackBerry can boast to you that their new operating…

Pocketnow Live, Ep. 20: The Season Finale

The Pocketnow Live Season Finale is here. Before we take a summer break we’ll discuss all things mobile, and not only, with the original Live team. Tune in!

Lag isn’t always a death sentence

We’ve criticized lag and stutter in mobile software for years. But is the presence of the occasional jitter or jump really a make-it-or-break-it issue?

BlackBerry Q10 unboxing (Video)

The BlackBerry Q10 is the QWERTY-packing cousin to the Z10, available this week in the US. Watch as we unbox the latest in BlackBerry’s smartphone arsenal!

Buttonless unlock on everything: it is time

You probably wake up your phone by pressing a key. Here’s why that antiquated approach should give way to a tap, a swipe, or some other buttonless unlock.

Galaxy S 4 Active announced, HTC One mini photo, Nokia EOS leak & more – Pocketnow Daily

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AT&T BlackBerry Q10 pre-orders live

AT&T BlackBerry Q10 pre-orders live so make sure to go ahead and secure your unit if you are a fan of BlackBerry, the form-factor, or the physical QWERTY keyboard.

Would you use a smartphone with a physical keyboard again?

Portrait QWERTY smartphones were everywhere in 2006, but the form factor is now nearly extinct. Read why this is one form factor we don’t want to see die.

Additional smartphones and tablets confirmed for Verizon high-speed AWS LTE

Learn which smartphones and tablets will be able to access the Verizon AWS LTE network thanks to a firmware upgrade.