What’s The Deal With T-Mobile 3G On The Nokia 808 PureView?
Now Nokia claims full 3G support for the 808 on T-Mobile, but still doesn’t mention anything about 1700MHz.
Why The North American 808 PureView Makes Sense
It’s nearly 14mm thick, tips the scales at 169g, and sports a display of only four inches. Its radio includes 3G support for just one American network, with 2G support for another, and not a hint of LTE in sight. Though it may receive the occasional update, its operating system is effectively a dead platform, running at 1.3GHz on a single-core CPU. Oh, and it costs nearly $700. So who would buy the Nokia 808 PureView?
Nokia Cutting Back On Megapixel Count For Next PureView Phone?
While we’ll see more PureView tech in Nokia phones, the company’s still unsure of what changes may be made, including a reduced pixel count.
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