Pocketnow Daily: Pocophone X2: TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE?!(video)
On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the upcoming Poco X2 with amazing specs, the succesor of the Galaxy Fold and more
Nokia 9 PureView
Nokia 9.2 PureView with Snapdragon 865, bezel-less design might debut soon
The Nokia 9.2 PureView is claimed, according to recent reports, to launch after June 20, but an MWC 2020 debut cannot be ruled out.
Nokia 9 Pureview Review: 5 cameras, Zeiss lens. Nuff said!
It’s a beautiful phone. Unfortunately, it’s hard to justify the need for five cameras on the back when the image quality is a bit unpredictable.
New Nokia 9 PureView render ditches the notch
This fresh Nokia 9 PureView render we’re looking at doesn’t contradict the camera layout we’ve seen before, but it does ditch the notch.
Penta-lens Nokia
Is the Nokia 9 PureView penta-lens phone coming February 24?
HMD Global is preparing a special pre-MWC event for February 24. While we hope it’s the Nokia 9 PureView, it could also be something else.
Nokia 9 PureView
Penta-lens Nokia 9 PureView officially mentioned as it faces some delays
It is maybe for the first time that the Nokia 9 PureView is being officially mentioned, and we’re hearing that there are some delays.
Nokia 9 PureView
Prepare for the Nokia 9 PureView
A recent report claims that the name of an HMD device coming soon will be Nokia 9 PureView. We’re wondering what device that might be.
Lumia 1020 throwback
There’s nothing stopping HMD from building a PureView Nokia
HMD could build a Nokia smartphone that can disrupt once again, now with PureView in its posession and ZEISS to back it up.
Windows Mobile camera chief moves back to Nokia for Ozo project
Juhar Alakarhu, who oversaw PureView camera projects from the Nokia Lumia 1020 to the Microsoft Lumia 950, has moved back to Nokia.
Lumia 830 vs Lumia 1020: a matter of pixels (Video)
Microsoft’s newest Lumia bears a strong resemblance to one of its oldest. See how their cameras –and everything else– compare in Lumia 830 vs Lumia 1020!
Image credit, left to right: John Gamble; Clay Butch Benskin; Helen Breznik
Mobile photography as art: an interview with the MPA’s Daniel Berman
Daniel Berman, creator of the Mobile Photography Awards, lives in a world where smartphone photos sit alongside Warhols and Lichtensteins.
Pocketnow Weekly 094: Fitness, Photography, and Fidelity with Myriam Joire!
Which buds to buy for hifi mobile sound, what settings to use for your mobile camera, and smartphone chat from low-end to high with Myriam Joire (tnkgrl)!
Microsoft still needs 41 megapixel camera phones
The last two Lumia phones both had 20 megapixel sensors. That’s not enough, and there are many reasons why the 41 megapixel camera is still needed.
Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Nokia Lumia Icon (Video)
The best of Android and Windows Phone have come together not in unity, but in discord. Find out which comes away victorious in Galaxy S5 vs Lumia Icon!
Nokia Lumia 1020 – After The Buzz, episode 27 (Video)
We dubbed it the “warthog” in our Nokia Lumia 1020 review, but also called its camera the best ever. Is that still true 6 months later? Click to find out.
Yellow Alert: my New Year’s Eve smartphone for 2014 is the Lumia 1020
The phone you carry on New Year’s Eve has a huge bearing on how well the night is (or isn’t) remembered. Read on for why I chose Nokia’s PureView monster.
Nokia Lumia 1520 review: big buttery badness
To get the top-of-the-line Windows Phone, you need to put up with its massive dimensions. Is it worth it? Find out in Pocketnow’s Nokia Lumia 1520 review!
What to look for from 2014 smartphone cameras
This year was a big year for smartphone cameras, but the next could be even bigger. Read about what you should expect from smartphone cameras in 2014!
LG G2 vs Nokia Lumia 1020 (Video)
You’re in a smartphone store and you can’t choose between the best of Android and the cream of Windows Phone? Let us help: tune in to LG G2 vs Lumia 1020!
Two weeks with the Lumia 1020’s Camera Grip accessory: our thoughts (Video)
The Lumia 1020 doesn’t need a camera case to take great photos – but it sure doesn’t hurt. Watch our Lumia 1020 camera grip review for our thoughts on why!
Moto X, Lumia 1020, Xperia Z Ultra – Pocketnow U-Review 003
One hour, three awesome phones, endless reader opinion. The Pocketnow U-Review is back; come weigh in on the Moto X, the Lumia 1020, and the Xperia Z Ultra!
Our favorite shots from a weekend with the Lumia 1020
Nokia’s Lumia 1020 features a 41-megapixel PureView camera. Two of our editors put it to the test over the weekend, coming away with some amazing photos.
Nokia Lumia 1020 review: the Warthog of the smartphone world
Nokia’s PureView Windows Phone is big, bad, and boasts the best smartphone camera specs in the US. Find out how it performs in our Nokia Lumia 1020 review!
Pocketnow Weekly 054: you’ve got questions, we’ve got Lumia 1020s
Taylor Martin & Michael Fisher just added their own Lumia 1020s to Pocketnow’s demo pool, & this week’s podcast is devoted to your questions about it!
Nokia Lumia 1020 vs HTC One (Video)
One bears a 4MP camera, and the other packs a sensor with ten times that resolution. This should go well. Brace yourself for Nokia Lumia 1020 vs HTC One!