FCC’s Pai wants $954 million for Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands recovery

Most of the funds will go towards one of Pai’s larger priorities: lighting up grids in rural or low-connectivity areas. Those happen to occur heavily in storm-affected regions.

Off-beat: the first Best Buy location reopens in Puerto Rico

Best Buy reopened in its first location of the three it has. San Juan has not been the same since Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

After the hurricanes, T-Mobile wants to saturate Puerto Rico with 600MHz

New network spectrum and a big canvas to brush it on. For a time, there was a debate about how to reboot Puerto Rico’s power grid. This is different.

Project Loon in Puerto Rico serving 100,000 customers

Internet from balloons is getting around to AT&T and T-Mobile customers on Puerto Rico as the recovery from two powerful hurricane continues.

T-Mobile joins Project Loon effort over Puerto Rico

AT&T has already been distributing its service through balloons high above the island through Project Loon’s special signal.

Project Loon flies over Puerto Rico, iPhones to take special advantage of Band 8 LTE

Alphabet is providing the “towers,” AT&T is providing the service and Apple is providing the capable for iPhones to connect better on the storm-torn island.

Project Loon service approved to serve recovering Puerto Rico

The balloon-based cellular transmission project from Google parent Alphabet will deliver 900MHz service in partnership with local carriers.

Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands telcos get $77 million in FCC aid

The United States territories will get up to 7 months of high-cost infrastructure with the option for longer if the FCC deems it necessary.

After Puerto Rico hurricanes, AT&T and T-Mobile provide SMS queue services

Customers wishing to contact unreachable loved ones on Puerto Rico can use these services to at least line a text up to send once service is restored.

Samsung to help upgrade América Móvil network to 4.5G standards

Upgraded MIMO technology, signal amplification and calls over LTE and Wi-Fi are on their way to Latin America with the help of Samsung.

Puerto Rico has Samsung Pay, though only at Banco Popular

Banco Popular cardholders can sign up for Samsung Pay if they have a Galaxy S6 or newer device on AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint or Claro.