Pocketnow Daily: Samsung’s New IMPRESSIVE Battery Technology! (video)

On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the new technology that we might see in the battery of future Samsung devices, a new Huawei prototype and more

OnePlus 5G test device will be at MWC 2019

If you’ll be attending MWC 2019, you’re invited to head over to the Qualcomm booth and see OnePlus’s 5G phone prototype… and even game on it!

A functional 5G Samsung prototype was present in CES 2019

We have seen some interesting things at CES 2019, and it seems that there is also a 5G Samsung smartphone for viewing only

This could be the new iPad mini 5, but there’s no flash in sight

This could be the final design of the upcoming 5th generation iPad mini, or a prototype that will give us a better idea of what to expect

Samsung’s Project V was a foldable phone much like the Axon M was one

If you recall what ZTE did in taking a second screen and tacking it onto a phone, this is what this canceled prototype was going for.

Leaked Pixel 3 XL had a legitimate Google logo on it

It might not have been a Google ‘G,’ but this “mirrored ‘E'” business is official business from Google and it’s on a leaked picture of a future phone.

Google and LG bring the future of VR closer by co-developing 18MP OLED display

Google and LG have a common goal, working together on a crazy sharp VR OLED display with a record-breaking 1443 ppi count and 120 x 96 field of view.

Remember those iPhone 7 shells? An iPad bomb might’ve come into a terrorism plot

Cabin bans on tablets and laptops from several Middle Eastern countries may have been triggered by intelligence of, in part, an iPad bomb plot.

And now, the working iPhone 7 Plus video

Is it worth even clicking through this link? Like, it looks like it’s running iOS 10 and it has that dual-camera module on the back, but it’s blurry AF.

iPhone 7 metal casing has speakers, space oddity

In photos leaked out purporting to show the metal case of the iPhone 7, we see two speakers, no headphone jack and a nasty camera bump.

Samsung offers a taste of the future with demo of foldable 5.7-inch display prototype

The dream of a fully foldable Samsung smartphone or tablet continues to feel like a very distant one, despite a recent showcase of a screen prototype.

Meizu PRO 6 prototype leaked with possible Force Touch support

Someone got a crack into one of Meizu’s future flagships while the chief designer of the company’s UI has spoiled some possible Force Touch features.

Leak shows Nokia feature phone prototype as company rumored for bigger comeback

Is Nokia planning to give us a feature phone when it supposedly comes back to the industry this year? More importantly, will there be 3 phones to look for?

Apple testing a convertible iPad / iPhone prototype?

Apple has never been famous for building crazy products, but it has…

A Closer Look at Nokia’s Windows Phone 8 Prototype

Last week at the Windows Phone 8 Summit, Joe Belfiore demonstrated some…