Free goodies from Project Fi at the airport in San Jose

SJC is the site of the Project Fi Travel Trolley. No, it isn’t full of free Nexus and Pixel phones with SIMs, but sleeping masks and charging cables.

Android Pay holiday promo in the UK takes advantage of crackers

Consumers can tap into Transport for London or any store supporting Android Pay and potentially win a £500 gift card. Even if you lose, you still win.

RadPad Android Pay promotion ended after excessive participation

RadPad saw Android Pay used to pay 5 percent of rents it managed. When it eliminated the credit card fee for a promo, that number grew to 70 percent.

That definitely looks like an HTC-made Nexus in a Google Photos promo

The promo shows off some Googlers jumping up for a photo, only for it to not be taken. Darn “Storage Full” box. Well, what’s the phone, there?

Verizon Galaxy Note 7 pre-orders tipped to start August 3

A Verizon Wireless employee has apparently tipped off an outlet to the company’s plans for launching and promoting the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

OnePlus 2 price dropped to $300, OnePlus X available for $200 stateside

With less than three weeks to go until the OnePlus 3 becomes official, the prices of the 2, X and One have been trimmed worldwide.