An Android device from Xiaomi is in the US for the holidays…

A Chinese tech company that has made overtures toward bringing its wide array of phones to the US for years has brought over… a laser projector.

Three new portable Kodak projectors start from $200

They’re not mind-blowing in terms of resolution or brightness, but they’re decent for the portability and the price as well.

Sony Xperia Touch projector now available in the US for $1,700

Availability is quite slim, so the price isn’t doing much to deter people from buying a small projector system with a touch field.

Sony Xperia Touch is an interactive tabletop projector for €1,499

The Android projector follows up from last year’s Xperia Projector and delivers wall-to-wall coverage as well as a tabletop experience.

One year later, T-Mobile finally picks up ZTE Spro 2 ‘smart projector’

The 2-in-1 ZTE Spro 2 Android projector, launched on AT&T and Verizon last year, makes its way to T-Mobile at last for an extravagant $500.

T-Mobile lists ZTE Spro 2 in its support listings

We reviewed the ZTE Spro 2 last year. It got carried by AT&T back then. But now, we have word that T-Mobile may be picking the Android project up.

ZTE Spro Plus amps up the concept of an Android projector

The Spro line has proved relatively popular for ZTE, so why not go all out for this next one? Android Marshmallow, quad HD and other benies.

LG Minibeam Nano introduced with smartphone mirroring capabilities

The LG Minibeam Nano that has just been introduced is a small portable projector with smartphone connection capabilities. Read more for details!