Samsung’s first foldable phone moves closer to (limited) release, Galaxy S10 could debut at CES 2019
Codenamed “Valley” for many years, Samsung’s foldable smartphone project now carries a pompous “Winner” alias, reportedly eyeing a February 2019 public announcement. The more conventional Galaxy S10 could see daylight in January.
Foldable smartphones
New sources confirm Samsung could soon mass-produce foldable phones, but it may not want to
Samsung’s first foldable phones may still need time to improve component yields and generate proper market demand before seeing daylight.
Possible foldable Samsung smartphone design detailed in new patent, as mass production draws near
Samsung definitely still has a foldable smartphone in the pipeline, and so does LG, both companies currently gunning for H2 2017 launches.
Pair of foldable Samsung smartphones now expected out in early 2017
The world’s first foldable smartphones, manufactured by Samsung, are more and more likely to go official early next year, in two innovative form factors.
Samsung’s 2017 flagship roadmap might consist of five models, including foldable ‘Galaxy X’
The Galaxy Note 6 isn’t even here yet, but that doesn’t stop rumor-mongers from, well, mongering about possible 2017 Samsung flagship releases.
First foldable Samsung smartphones now tipped for H2 2016 ‘introduction’
Early 2016 or 2017? How about the second half of this year as the ETA for the highly anticipated, long overdue first foldable Samsung smartphone (s)?
Samsung foldable-phone rumors already looking forward to release plans
It doesn’t sound like the rumored Samsung foldable phone will be some hard-to-come-by special edition model, not according to the latest source.
‘Turtle Glass’ Samsung trademark sparks Gorilla Glass replacement gossip
Based on a Samsung trademark application for mysterious Turtle Glass technology, one could speculate Gorilla Glass will leave the Galaxy S7 equation.
Samsung’s first foldable smartphone could debut as early as January with microSD
A Samsung foldable smartphone, the world’s first of the kind, could break cover in January, with Snapdragon 820 or 620 processing power, and microSD.