More than 7 non-Google phones will be on Android Q beta

Last year, Android 9 Pie went into the beta cycle with 7 non-Google phones, the first time it’s been done. So, what about Android Q?

To all the 2018 tech we… tolerated? | #PNWeekly 338

We are wrapping up the year in mobile tech news from Apple’s battery throttling bungle to the nightmare and adrenaline rush that was Techtober!

Official Project Treble support comes to OnePlus 5 and 5T in the open beta channel

Only available in beta software for now, Project Treble functionality will soon roll out to all OnePlus 5 and 5T users over-the-air.

Android OEM agreements now include regular security patching

Ever since the Stagefright scandal in 2015, Google began offering up regular security patches and manufacturers tagged along very loosely.

Qualcomm optimizing Snapdragon 845, 660 and 636 for quick Android P integration

Those three chipsets are featured on several of the non-Google phones that are eligible for the Android P beta program, which explains a lot.

HTC U12 and Desire 12 releases and specs get detailed

The Taiwanese company’s 2018 strategy is looking a little bit more complex than we had initially anticipated with three handsets and a little more robust stuff developing.

ASUS joins Project Treble with ZenFone 4 Android Oreo update

It should fast-track software updates on ASUS’s end for the phone, but for ROM developers, it’s two steps forward and a step back.

Will Samsung have the balls to make a graphene battery? | #PNWeekly 281

Graphene as a battery material has been floating around for decades, but will Samsung finally get to harnessing its power? We discuss on our show!

OnePlus 5T breaks launch day sales records, lacks Project Treble support

With or without Project Treble, the OnePlus 5T, 5, 3T and 3 will all get Android 8.1 “later.” In the meantime, the 5T is shaping up like a smash hit.

Android O dessert not named in Reddit AMA, but here are some highlights!

By the way, some jokey joke suggestions included “Oak Tree Cookie” and “Oobleck.” But there’s plenty of pertinent stuff to go through.

Convertibles, Project Treble and Fear China! | #PNWeekly 254

We discuss how portable Windows 10 PCs have underwent a transformation in the past year or two on our show. Also, Android O’s fragmentation magic wand!

Project Treble seeks to put Android updates on the fast lane

Another feature to look forward to on Android O is one that will ease the burden on manufacturers and carriers dealing with device software.