Microsoft details how its Edge browser defeats IE in security

Learn more about some of the key security benefits of Microsoft’s Edge browser when compared to the existing Internet Explorer that’s about to exit.

Project Spartan gets a new name as Microsoft announces its Edge browser

At Build 2015 today Microsoft has given Project Spartan a proper commercial name, announcing its Edge browser.

New Windows 10 Technical Preview for smartphones arrives

The day is finally here for you to give the new Windows 10 Technical Preview a spin on your Lumia smartphone.

Chromebits, LG G4 leaks, HTC One M9+ | Pocketnow Weekly 142

We’re taking a break from the Galaxy S6 to bring you the mobile tech news of the week. Join us for the latest leaks – and find out what a “Chromebit” is.

Latest Windows 10 for phones video leak shows Spartan in action

The latest Windows 10 for phones leak features a Project Spartan video, showing the new browser in operation.

Microsoft’s Project Spartan browser is finally ready for you to try

Microsoft’s Project Spartan preview is ready to make its public debut, now available for Windows 10 testers.

Screenshots show off alleged Project Spartan Windows phone version

These possible Project Spartan Windows phone screenshots show off what the modern browser will look like in Windows 10 for mobile.

Microsoft considering new names for Project Spartan

Learn more about some of the new names that Microsoft is experimenting with when it comes to its famous Project Spartan for Windows 10.

Microsoft announces Project Spartan, the future of Windows 10 web browsing

Learn more about Microsoft’s new web browsing experience across its form factors with Windows 10, dubbed Project Spartan. A lot of cool features announced.