ZTE Hawkeye likely to get redesigned, crowdfunded anew

After disappointment and much lashing out, ZTE is listening to its customers-to-be when it comes a crowdsourced “reading phone.”

ZTE Hawkeye fails to inspire crowdfunding, many complain about design

The company took the crowd-developed concept and literally cheapened it so that it could sell for $199. In doing so, it has incurred the wrath of the crowd.

Robust ZTE Hawkeye specs are here to bring Project CSX back into the spotlight

We’ve known for a couple of weeks that Hawkeye is the final name of ZTE’s crowdsourced Project CSX phone, which now has official specs as well.

ZTE Axon 7 Daydream VR, Hawkeye & more at CES 2017 (Video)

The Axon 7 won’t get Daydream or it will. Maybe. Also, the Blade V8 Pro and winner of the Project CSX vote, the Hawkeye, also show up at CES 2017.

ASUS Zooms, Tangos, Daydreams while VR gets more depth | CES 2017 Daily (Day 1)

While the HTC Vive gets new tools, Samsung and Google make a Chromebook together and ZTE preps us for a smartwatch. Pocketnow has it all covered.

ZTE’s Project CSX is now known as Hawkeye and launches on Kickstarter

Well, it’s not because of the fact that the phone is up for pre-orders on a crowdfunding site. It’s more to do with the watering down of the concept.

The hot (and not so hot) news stories from Pocketnow in 2016

Microsoft and Google? Not so hot. Virtual reality and you? Very hot. The stories and narrative arcs of mobile technology in 2016.

Project CSX vote gives SpiderPhone the win for ZTE to build and sell

It is a sticky smartphone that you can attach to a surface and read a whole ton from without having to worry about other people seeing what you see.

ZTE’s Project CSX in semifinal vote on future product concepts

The leading choices at this point? A stock Android phone and a sticky, eye-tracking phone. What gets passed over? A powerglove.

ZTE Project CSX Phase Two working on “SpiderPhone,” Android Powerglove, VR diving mask

Would you want a phone that can stick anywhere and a display only you can read? How about a powerglove to learn how to play piano? Or a VR diving mask?

ZTE will sell something crowd-designed next year if Project CSX goes to plan

Project CSX is ZTE’s effort to have a community dream up, then build out a product. Sometime next year, the manufacturer will produce and sell it.