Project Ara, Pixel 4 and neither the twain shall meet | #PNWeekly 345
We discuss the overhyping of patents, AT&T’s overhyping of its 5G network and content providers not buying Apple’s single-stream hype on the show!
Pocket Nightcap: Inevita-bezels and how innovation can be wrong
Innovation doesn’t just have to serve what may be the most popular feature of a product that people use every day. In fact, it should go beyond popularity.
Exciting patent hints at modular Facebook smartphone or smart speaker of Project Ara inspiration
What if a “world-class” team of Project Ara and Amazon Echo architects will soon join hands for a truly modular Facebook smartphone or smart speaker?
The hot (and not so hot) news stories from Pocketnow in 2016
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Project Ara dead under Google, could be licensed to OEM [UPDATE]
Google has confirmed that it has abandoned the project. The modular smartphone concept was targeted for a commercial launch in 2017.
Project Ara is back and it’ll ship starting later this year
The modular smartphone project that was supposed to pilot in Puerto Rico a long time ago may be ready for consumers next year.
Are modular smartphones overrated?
Modular phones are becoming a thing. Or so LG hopes. One of…
All-new Project Ara website draws attention to radio silence
At least, just yet. But with just a logo, a silent Twitter account and an email for developers, we hoped for more disquiet from Project Ara.
Sketchy Project Ara benchmarks emerge, Snapdragon 810 currently on deck
Google appears to be probing an experimental variant of its highly anticipated Project Ara modular smartphone, though benchmarked data isn’t to be trusted.
Modular PuzzlePhone headed for Indiegogo next week, launch still a year away
Yet another Project Ara contender nears materialization, with the modular PuzzlePhone ready to ask for crowd-financing in early November.
Google’s modular Project Ara shares its “new” logo
Google ATAP’s evoking night mode with its new white-on-black Project Ara logo.
Project Ara magnetic fastener failure report was apparently a “joke”
Apparently the Project Ara guys fancy themselves a bunch of jokesters, and had us all going with their reports of failed Project Ara drop tests.
Project Ara’s magnetic module system couldn’t stand up to stress testing
Google’s lost confidence in the Project Ara magnetic module connection system, and is working on an alternate way to secure components.
Google looks for new Project Ara test markets as it shifts deployment to next year
We’ll be waiting until next year to check out Google’s dream of a modular smartphone as plans for Project Ara 2016 test marketing get announced.
Project Ara
Project Ara rearranging pieces for pilot launch schedule
Hey! It’s Project Ara! We still remember that ambitious group of people…
Fairphone vs. Project Ara: who to bet on at this point?
Furniture. Cafeteria food. Swiss army knives. All of these, when done well,…
Fairphone 2 intends to teach Project Ara how to do modular right
Learn more about the Fairphone 2, a new modular smartphone that takes a far different approach to what Project Ara has done lately
Toshiba shows off its Project Ara camera modules
Learn more about the new camera modules that Toshiba has prepared for Google’s Project Ara, something we’re anticipating for MWC 2015
Project Ara
Is Google really betting on modular phones, or is it something more?
Modularity helped boost the presence of the home PC, could modular phones do the same thing for Android? Is that what Project Ara is really about?
Project Ara market pilot coming to Puerto Rico this year
What will the Project Ara market pilot bring smartphone shoppers in Puerto Rico? Get an early preview.
Brand new Project Ara prototype hardware emerges
The dev conference isn’t until next month, but today we get an early look at the next Project Ara hardware prototype.
Project Ara
Project Ara soon won’t be the only modular smartphone on the block
Another player is getting involved in the modular smartphone game, with plans for a phone with upgradable camera and processor components.
Fully assembled Project Ara prototype shown booting Android
Check out the new Project Ara video and get the details on what’s next for the system’s developers.
Project Ara lead designer departing Google
Project Ara has become one of the dreams that could solve the…