Apple settles for uncharacteristically low HomePod profit margins to score volume

If you thought the $349 HomePod was expensive, it turns out Apple spends a lot to make its first-ever smart speaker, which makes profit margins pretty thin.

Samsung will focus on profits starting 2018, setting moderate smartphone sales goal

Samsung probably sold around 320 million smartphones in 2017, and its expectations for 2018 circle that same number as profits become more important than volume.

iPhone X could help Apple break shipment and average selling price records this quarter

Apple is in record-breaking form this year-end quarter, according to IHS Markit research, as the lucrative iPhone X continues to sell like hotcakes.

Samsung Galaxy S8 predictably costs more to make than S7 and S7 Edge, way more than iPhone 7

At an estimated $307.50, Samsung’s Galaxy S8 bill of materials, manufacturing costs included, exceeds Apple’s iPhone 7 expenses by more than $80.