Google+ shutdown for consumers is on April 2

Google+ had two big security holes punched into it last year and that has led us to this point: the end of life for the social network.

The iPad Pro grows up with second-gen Apple Pencil, slimmer bezels

It’s slimmer, brighter and has more intuitive design. The iPad Pro’s power is also being utilized for the full Photoshop program and NBA 2K.

With Galaxy Note 9, Samsung could approach productivity with DeX cable

Instead of a DeX Dock or DeX Station, why not a DeX cable? Turns out that a bulky, overengineered product doesn’t exactly sell well.

Moto Tab outed by AT&T as a family-oriented device [UPDATE]

It’s not official on AT&T’s website, but the company’s YouTube channel has given us a preview of what to expect from the Moto Tab.

G Suite accounts now eligible for Project Fi

If your business does work through Google’s G Suite of apps and has its domain on Gmail, you can now sign up for Google’s cellular service with that email.

iOS 11 for iPad makes it finally, finally fit for productivity

Multitasking tools are finally making sense, but it’s the new file directory app and a document scanning camera trick. All that in iOS 11 for iPads.

Motorola tablet said to make Android really, really productive

It supposedly has a dedicated “Productivity Mode” that will allow users to pin apps to the navigation bar and, perhaps, keep them in active memory.

Hangouts Meet and Chat are Google’s refreshes in productivity communication

The two new communication apps get G Suite app integration. As such, Google Drive gets a boost in features for enterprise users

Legacy versions of Google Drive apps will be cut off from service access

Older versions of Docs, Sheets and Slides will also be shut down on both iOS and Android with update prompts in March. The effective date is April 3.

Samsung Focus to launch with Galaxy Note 6 as a sort of BlackBerry Hub

Samsung may be pulling a BlackBerry in prepping a productivity app in time for the launch of the Galaxy Note 6, a productivity phone.

Microsoft strikes app-loading deal with Acer, 74th of its kind

The Office pool has grown just a bit larger. ASUS signed with…

3 Microsoft Office apps and OneNote get 3D Touch, Apple Pencil functionality

And they also get that Apple Pencil going on, too. There are actually a bunch of new features to Word, Excel, PowerPoint and even OneNote to get to.

Microsoft: Apple’s strategy puts iPad Pro as “a companion device”

“The strategies are very different.” And when it comes to comparing the Microsoft Surface to Apple’s iPad Pro, there are no two ways about it.

Google Apps for Work free while you’re still hitched to another software provider

Microsoft may have spread its productivity presence like a bagel shop spreads…
Surface Pro 4

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 hands-on (Video)

The Surface Pro series turned the corner on the age of stationary…

In the Surface series, everything is a detachable computer

Of course, a ton of people would be at Microsoft’s Windows 10…

Mobile is killing PC, just not soon

I don’t know what you do for a living and I don’t…

The five most popular notes apps for Android (Video)

Okay, so the LiveScribe smartpen hasn’t exactly taken off yet. And you’re…

3 ways iAnnotate can help you go paperless (Video)

Are you trying to go paperless with your Android or iOS device? Watch this video to see three ways iAnnotate can help you do just that!

Tim Cook, not everyone can work from an iPad

Tim Cook says he does 80% of his work from an iPad and thinks others should, too. Read why working from an iPad doesn’t work well for everyone in practice.

Three MORE productivity apps for iOS (Video)

We all know productivity apps on iOS are a dime a dozen. In this video, we show three more helpful iOS productivity apps, two of which are iOS exclusives.

Three MORE productivity apps for Android (Video)

Productivity apps are a dime a dozen. More are constantly being released and updated. Here are three more Android productivity apps we love!