Meizu Pro 6 Plus goes after Galaxy S7 with Exynos 8890 SoC, 5.7-inch Quad HD display

The just-unveiled Meizu Pro 6 Plus is plus-sized, premium-looking and blazing fast, but not particularly original in either specs or design.

Meizu Pro 6s discreetly breaks cover with 3D Press display, big battery, relatively low price

The Meizu Pro 6s doesn’t feel like an iPhone 7 Plus or Huawei Mate 9 global contender, but it seems to offer plenty of bang for $399.

Meizu sends September 5 event invites containing live Nokia E71 units (wait, what?)

Meizu is bizarrely trying to connect its mystery upcoming Android phablet to a business-focused Nokia model released way back in 2008.

Meizu event could prop up Exynos PRO 6 on September 3 (or 13?)

Chinese manufacturer Meizu could be juicing another variant of its PRO 6 smartphone just a few months after it introduced its last one.

Exynos 8890-powered Meizu Pro 6 derivation still possible, according to benchmark

While the “standard” Meizu Pro 6 unveiled a few months back packs Helio X25 power, an Exynos 8890 twist on the original could be yet to come.

Meizu VP points away from Exynos 8890 for Meizu PRO 7

A Meizu executive socialized with tech geeks in a group chat and told them that the Meizu PRO 7 would not be getting an Exynos 8890 chipset.

Meizu MX6 enters affordable flagship scene with 4GB RAM, $300 price tag

The high-end but relatively inexpensive Meizu MX6 is formally unveiled and fully detailed, mostly failing to distinguish itself from the Pro 6.

“Hey, that looks like…” Part 748 — Meizu MX6 renders

Remember the iPhone 7? You know, the one that you haven’t seen in real life yet, but there’s a billion leaks of it going around? It’s sorta like that.

Connecting dots on Weibo to figure out the Meizu Pro 7

Prior leaks have come to clash with controversy and haterade to boot. Another version of the Meizu PRO 6 may become the Meizu PRO 7.

An Exynos 8890 variant of the Meizu Pro 6 or MX6?

Speculation is about after the Meizu PRO 6, launched with a MediaTek processor inside it, is spotted with a Samsung Exynos chipset.

Meizu MX6 is “a second half thing,” says Weibo

While the Meizu PRO 6 steals the sunshine for a hot minute, many market watchers are holding onto their wallets for the upcoming MX6.

Meizu Pro 6 sets sights on iPhone 6s with 3D Press, 10-core CPU, 10-LED camera

The Meizu Pro 6 is official at last, and it’s not afraid to try to beat the iPhone 6s at its own game, with 3D Press support and a familiar design.

10 LEDs said to make up Meizu Pro 6 camera flash

Already this phone was in that unique, not-an-iPhone-we-swear territory, but rumors leave us incredulous at how many LEDs Meizu can fit into a ring flash.

Meizu Pro 6 shows off its design in new official photo

Meizu can’t stop showing off its upcoming flagship, as the company publishes another new Meizu Pro 6 photo.

iPhone-resembling Meizu Pro 6 stars in all-revealing pre-release photoshoot

Whether you still think it looks an awful lot like an iPhone or not, you have to admit the upcoming Meizu Pro 6 is pretty in these leaked new photos.

Full Meizu 2016 product roadmap divulged, Pro 6 prices included

Meizu has no less than seven intriguing Android phones in the pipeline this year, ranging in starting price from the equivalent of $90 to $430.

New Meizu Pro 6 pics surface – and it’s still not an iPhone

New Meizu Pro 6 pics show us more of the upcoming Android with some rumored very-high-end hardware.

Meizu busts our leaked-iPhone-7-pic bubble: that’s one of our phones

The latest image we thought could be a glimpse at an iPhone 7 prototype has instead been confirmed as showing the upcoming Meizu Pro 6.

MediaTek Helio X20 out in products next month, Helio X25 in Meizu Pro 6

The Taiwanese chipmaker’s first tri-cluster, ten-core mobile SoC will appear in a Chinese phone soon. Meizu also claims exclusivity over the new Helio X25.

Meizu PRO 6 rumored to go after Vivo Xplay 5 with 6GB RAM… someday

Everyone ready for the prevalence of 6GB RAM Android smartphones? The Meizu PRO 6 could well jump on that bandwagon, though not very soon.

Meizu PRO 6 prototype leaked with possible Force Touch support

Someone got a crack into one of Meizu’s future flagships while the chief designer of the company’s UI has spoiled some possible Force Touch features.

Samsung may not want to share the Exynos 8890 SoC, lower-end 8870 prepped for other OEMs

The Meizu Pro 6 and other smartphones not built by Samsung are expected to make use of a non-flagship Exynos 8870 chip instead of Galaxy S7’s 8890.