Samsung Market Share Slipping and the Post Net Neutrality World | #PNWeekly 283
There’s plenty of Samsung to go around this week, so we’ll talk about that, about Huawei and Honor and more with TK Bay on our show this week!
New Mate, New Axon, New BlackBerry ft. CrackBerry Kevin | #PNWeekly 275 (Audio)
The Huawei Mate 10 and ZTE Axon M for AT&T got their launch events this week! We talk about those and BlackBerry’s latest moves with CrackBerry Kevin!
No Android Nougat love for BlackBerry Priv, slim hope for DTEK50 and 60 as well
Before TCL took over BlackBerry smartphone production and marketing, the BlackBerry Priv was released running Android Lollipop and will stay on Marshmallow.
LG V30 leaks show one potential vision with a Priv-ish Second Screen
Evan Blass has a few good looks at one try on the LG V30. It includes a Second Screen that is offset from the main body and can extend from it.
BlackBerry KEYone vs Priv: From RIM to TCL, was this the right move? (Video)
Our detailed BlackBerry KEYone vs Priv video comparison is unsurprisingly a no contest all in all, which is certainly good news for TCL.
BlackBerry discounts DTEK50, PRIV for the spring
Two older phones get some spring cleaning detergent sprayed onto them for some discount action. Will you take a PRIV or DTEK50 home?
Meet the New BlackBerry (Video)
“The New BlackBerry” is (almost) here, and actual manufacturer TCL was kind enough to let us take it for a quick spin in early pre-production form.
BlackBerry apps on Android get a major refresh
The Dark Theme comes to the BlackBerry Launcher while users of the DTEK60 can now retrieve passwords with a tap of the fingerprint sensor.
Black Friday at BlackBerry brings DTEK50 price down by 18 percent
Several other BlackBerry phones running BB10 have also received some vicious discounts. If you’re interested in the Priv, it’s got a big cut, too.
BlackBerry going Android
BlackBerry’s in-house smartphone swan song is still ‘coming’, QWERTY keyboard and all
Contrary to popular belief, BlackBerry isn’t altogether done with internally building smartphones yet, prepping one final keyboard design.
Verizon sends long overdue Marshmallow update to carrier-locked BlackBerry Priv
Several months after unlocked, T-Mobile and AT&T variants of the BlackBerry Priv have received Marshmallow, Verizon finally follows suit.
AT&T BlackBerry Priv cellular issues may be solved, but what about T-Mobile’s?
BlackBerry Priv owners have been reported service issues on their phones since August. There’s a fix in for AT&T variants, but what about T-Mobile ones?
BlackBerry officially halts ‘internal’ hardware development, outsourcing the ‘function to partners’
The inevitable demise of internally-developed BlackBerry phones is a rumor no more, with “partners” in charge of future hardware production.
Forget DTEK60, will BlackBerry quit smartphones on September 28?
Investors are hoping that will be the case. They can even point to some outlying evidence. But what about that second Android phone John Chen promised?
BlackBerry patches Quadrooter, first Android partner to do so
Even though BlackBerry claimed that its secure boot chain, standard on its Android phones, “mitigated” the last Quadrooter hole, it has been patched.
BlackBerry Priv gets global discount through August
If you’re not interested in the world’s “most secure Android smartphone,” BlackBerry is willing to part with its second-best for a discount.
If the Priv failed to get BlackBerry back, can the DTEK50?
The BlackBerry DTEK50 is BlackBerry’s latest effort at coming back to the handset market. Can it succeed where the Priv failed?
Expect an official ‘discussion’ on new BlackBerry phones to go down next week
The oft-rumored BlackBerry Neon and Argon Android smartphones might finally be unveiled next week, based on CEO John Chen’s cryptic innuendos.
AT&T BlackBerry Priv joins Android Marshmallow festivities
Available for an all-time low price at third-party discount specialists, the BlackBerry Priv finally scores Marshmallow treats on AT&T after T-Mobile.
GSM unlocked BlackBerry Priv available for irresistibly low $300 once again
It might still feel a little awkward to use for many Android enthusiasts, but at $300, the BlackBerry Priv delivers impressive bang for your buck.
BlackBerry stresses ‘keyboard is here to stay’, but in what form?
Don’t worry, physical QWERTY keyboard devotees, as your precious is alive and well as far as BlackBerry is concerned, even after the Classic’s death.
Get the full scoop on the upcoming BlackBerry Neon, Argon, and Mercury phones
Instead of giving up on producing phones, or at least taking it easy in the hardware sector, BlackBerry apparently has a trio of new Androids up its sleeve.
Purported photo of TCL-made BlackBerry Neon, aka Hamburg, crops up online
The BlackBerry Neon is reportedly coming to light up the Canadian OEM’s financials, unfortunately with a familiar design and unremarkable specs in tow.
Unlocked BlackBerry Priv can be found for $299
Learn more about some of the recent deals that have just arrived to the BlackBerry Priv, and this time, unlocked.
Verizon $300 discount applies to all phones above $400
As long as you get a phone with a retail price above $400 and pay for it over 24 months at Verizon, you’ve got some good choices here.