President Trump to approve some sales to Huawei

President Trump will likely resume licensing some American nonsensitive goods, giving certain companies the green light to resume sales to Huawei.

After meeting with President Trump, Foxconn’s Wisconsin factory is a go

Amid back and forth over the past couple of days, Foxconn announced, after meeting with President Trump, that it will build a factory in the U.S. after all.

New tariffs hit modems, routers, as “smart” products are spared for now

New tariffs come into force today and they are affecting modems and routers. Smart products are exempted for now. Find out which ones!

Apple and other products spared by new U.S. duties for now

New tariffs have been imposed by the US Administration but the Apple Watch and other gadgets are exempted for now. Read more!
Apple prices

Trump to Apple: make your products in the US!

President Trump acknowledges Apple prices going up, advises company to start manufacturing its products in the US instead of China.
Trump accuses Google

Trump accuses Google of bias, White House ‘will take a look’

In a recent set of Tweets, President Trump accused Google of rigging search results. The White House will look into the matter.

ZTE moves another step closer to actual US ban reversal with appointment of new chairman

ZTE’s devastating US ban has technically not been lifted yet, but with a new chairman and board of directors, the Chinese company is getting closer.

Even after losing Qualcomm, Broadcom went ahead with its now-completed US redomiciliation

President Trump’s recent blocking of Broadcom’s proposed Qualcomm takeover on national security grounds hasn’t stopped the company from changing its legal domicile back to the US.

It’s finally official: Foxconn will invest at least $10 billion in US LCD manufacturing

After years of speculation and negotiation, Foxconn is headed to the US for the erection of a Wisconsin factory initially handling LCD TV production.

President Trump is tweeting from both a ‘new iPhone’ and Android, with security still a concern

It remains unclear just how secure are the mobile devices used by US President Donald Trump for tweeting, including a ‘new iPhone’ and mystery Android.

Viber indefinitely makes calls from the US to Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen free

Viber’s mission is to “connect people” regardless of their origin and religion, with free calls now offered from the US to seven Muslim majority countries.

Trump gives up everyday Android phone, but he may not be content with ‘play phone’ replacement

President-elect Donald Trump is expected to change the rules and limitations of his future official phone, despite already ditching his everyday device.