AT&T is making a few small but important prepaid plan revisions
There’s an all-new AT&T prepaid plan, priced at $50 or $40 with AutoPay, including 8GB of high-speed data. Also, heftier multi-line discounts, and a larger mobile hotspot bucket for the “Unlimited Plus” option.
AT&T GoPhone customers can get unlimited data (with caps) for $60 a month
The best AT&T GoPhone monthly prepaid plans still cost $40 and $60 respectively, getting big upgrades from 4 and 8GB high-speed data to 6 and unlimited.
AT&T GoPhone prepaid plans get more data for less
You can now add 3GB high-speed data to the 6 included as standard with a $60 monthly AT&T GoPhone prepaid plan for an extra $20.
Visiting the US for 3 weeks or less? $30 T-Mobile Tourist Plan has everything you need
If you’re planning a short trip stateside in the near future, and worry about temporary wireless service, T-Mobile has you covered for only $30.