AT&T is making a few small but important prepaid plan revisions

There’s an all-new AT&T prepaid plan, priced at $50 or $40 with AutoPay, including 8GB of high-speed data. Also, heftier multi-line discounts, and a larger mobile hotspot bucket for the “Unlimited Plus” option.

Verizon adds ultra-low-cost plan to prepaid lineup, also offers small unlimited discount

Verizon’s prepaid plans get just a little better today, starting at $30 a month with 500MB high-speed data and setting you back as much as $75 if you need unlimited service.

Verizon makes it cheaper for families with up to five members to get prepaid service

Verizon’s recently beefed-up prepaid plans are now also cheaper with family accounts. That includes unlimited discounts for lines 2 through 5.

AT&T Prepaid officially takes GoPhone’s place, sign up now and get two months free

AT&T Prepaid is the logical new name of the carrier’s service previously known as GoPhone, with new lines eligible for two free months (of the first 12).

Verizon’s unlimited prepaid plan is still $80 a month, but cheaper options include more data than before

Verizon still doesn’t seem fully committed to the unlimited data concept, improving every other prepaid option starting next week.

T-Mobile adds AppleCare+ to JUMP! and PDP services, also launching new prepaid plans

It’s still raining deals, discounts and plan upgrades over at T-Mobile, with Premium Device Protection now including AppleCare+, and more prepaid options.

AT&T GoPhone customers can get unlimited data (with caps) for $60 a month

The best AT&T GoPhone monthly prepaid plans still cost $40 and $60 respectively, getting big upgrades from 4 and 8GB high-speed data to 6 and unlimited.

Cricket Wireless boosts data allotment on select plans, free phones also on offer for switchers

AT&T subsidiary Cricket Wireless challenges prepaid rival MetroPCS with more value, more data, as well as many free phones for switchers to choose from.

Verizon terminates low-cost prepaid plans, charging $45 and up for monthly smartphone service now

In response to AT&T GoPhone data add-on improvements, Verizon has oddly discontinued its cheapest smartphone and basic phone prepaid plans.

AT&T GoPhone prepaid plans get more data for less

You can now add 3GB high-speed data to the 6 included as standard with a $60 monthly AT&T GoPhone prepaid plan for an extra $20.

Visiting the US for 3 weeks or less? $30 T-Mobile Tourist Plan has everything you need

If you’re planning a short trip stateside in the near future, and worry about temporary wireless service, T-Mobile has you covered for only $30.