Powermat touts new iPhone wireless charging

Remember the company that plopped a bunch of wireless chargers into Starbucks that few people could use? With the new iPhones, you can now use them.

Industry pioneer is under the impression that wireless charging will be a ‘standard feature’ on iPhone 8

Apple never announced wireless charging will become a “standard feature” on the next iPhone, but Powermat may already know all about that.

Sources point to big steps in LG wireless charging tech

Industry sources are saying that LG has just wrapped development on a smartphone that can wirelessly be charged from up to 7cm away.

The US Lumia 1520 has the wrong kind of wireless charging. Thanks, AT&T!

The world’s first Windows Phone phablet has the world’s best wireless charging standard – unless you buy it in the US.

The Port-Free Smartphone: Fiction or the Future?

The idea of a smartphone devoid of ports is thrilling, frightening, and fantastic. And maybe a little stupid. Still, I want one, and maybe a little part of you does too. Read on to find out if that’s true.

Get Ready To Charge Your Galaxy S III … Wirelessly

We’re going to be living in the future. We’ll be able to come home, drop our Samsung Galaxy S III on an energy mat, see a reassuring light flash on, and know we’re being topped-off. It’ll be super-futuristic (or it’ll give you flashbacks to 2009, depending on whether you were a Palm customer or not).