How to fix your phone’s shitty portrait mode (as explained by a professional photographer)

Smartphones are getting better at photography, but they are still lacking in the bokeh blur department especially for the portrait mode. Here’s a fix!

OnePlus 6 gets OxygenOS 5.1.6 OTA update with front camera Portrait Mode

It’s only a few weeks old, but the OnePlus 6 has already received several semi-major software updates, the latest of which makes portrait selfies possible.

Google open sources Pixel 2 Portrait Mode segmentation software

The models used to separate subjects from the background were compiled by Google into what was, up until now, a proprietary tool for Pixel 2 phones.

Dev brings app for Portrait Mode on Pixel, Nexus 6P, 5X

One developer was able to extract a key tool that allows for the Pixel 2 phones to get portrait-style pictures without needing a second rear camera.

Essential Phone gains Portrait Mode with latest camera update, second-gen device confirmed

Universally criticized for mediocre camera performance, the first-gen Essential Phone continues to get better. And yes, there will be a second-gen handset.