ChargeTech brings PLUG to Indiegogo: 250W of power, two AC outlets

Indiegogo is seeing ChargeTech’s second battery pack with 48Ah, two AC outlets, two full USB ports, a USB-C port and plenty of potential.

More than a million portable batteries were bought in the two weeks since Pokemon GO’s launch

More than a million portable batteries were sold in two weeks. That’s a pretty fast clip, even for sellers. And it’s all thanks to Pokemon GO.

ASAP Dash: Everything it’s cracked up to be, or just another portable battery?

There’s a new portable phone charger making the rounds that’s making claims…
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ZENS Qi-enabled portable battery makes charging truly wireless, almost

We’ve reviewed several portable batteries and quite a few wireless chargers. The ZENS Qi Portable Battery is the first we’ve seen that incorporates both.
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ZAGGsparq 6000: As close to perfect as a portable battery can get

When OEMs started moving away from removable batteries, many of us were…
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Need more juice? We look at 3 portable batteries

Many of today’s devices don’t feature a removable battery, so let’s look at three portable batteries that you can use with your smartphone or tablet today!