HTC U11 Squeeze: feature or gimmick?
The HTC U11 squeeze feature allows you to quick launch apps, but is it outside-the-box thinking, or just a gimmick that will be ignored and forgotten?
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Is a 6GB smartphone simply overkill, or are OEMs strategically helping to “future-proof” for the apps and OSes of tomorrow?
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User’s who have gotten the Android 6.0.1 update are reporting much shorter battery life than before the update. Are you one of them?
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This was the best Nexus of all time
From the Nexus One to this year’s models, which is the best Nexus of all time? Let’s look at the hits and the misses that have carried the Nexus name.
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What’s the most disappointing smartphone you’ve owned?
Some phones are awesome, some aren’t. While we look at all the glitz out of IFA, we want to know, what’s the most disappointing smartphone you’ve owned?
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Reversible cameras: genius or gimmick? (TL/DR)
Camera modules take up space, are fairly expensive, and putting two of them in your phone sounds crazy. Is the solution reversible cameras?
What’s your ideal power button placement? (Poll)
There are only a few physical buttons on most smartphones these days;…
How important is double-tap to wake for you? (Poll)
Whether it’s a Lumia or an Android phone, double tap to wake is a convenient way of getting your smartphone out of standby without pushing a button.
Is the Snapdragon 808 inside the LG G4 a huge mistake? (poll)
The LG G Flex 2 uses Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 SoC, but LG recently announced its intention to use the Snapdragon 808 in the LG G4. Was that a bad call?
Ads vs paid apps: Which do you prefer? (poll)
Regardless of cost, apps aren’t free. They take time & effort to create & maintain but users don’t like to fork over cash for paid apps. Are ads any better?
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Samsung’s latest smartphone ships with some very nice software customizations. But are these Galaxy S6 themes taking a toll on its performance?
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Apple should have waited to release the iPhone 6 Plus
The iPhone 6 Plus sold out practically everywhere. Take this poll and tell us if you think Apple should have waited until it had enough iPhone 6 Plus stock.
What makes a smartwatch a smartwatch? (Poll)
The inclusion of a barometer, altimeter, compass, calculator, address book, GPS receiver, Bluetooth, touch screen, or something else? What is a smartwatch?
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