US: Germany should cut Huawei from 5G or we’ll cut intel ties

The United States is warning Germany that it will not share intelligence with the country at the same level as it is currently if Huawei is building 5G.

Trump campaigners still talking about nationalized 5G network

The Trump administration had proposed a wholesale 5G network before to heaps of criticism. Why is the re-election campaign making a big deal of it?

Facebook confirms it’s in talks with the FTC, sources say over privacy settlement

The FTC has been determining if Facebook broke its promises to beef up privacy protections for its users in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Prior to midterms, Democrats warned not to use phones from Huawei and ZTE

In the lead-up to the 2018 elections, the Democratic National Committee is telling members, candidates and campaigns to avoid these Chinese brands.

Facebook is responsible for the increasing number of fake news

Facebook could be responsible for directly influencing elections and other important decisions around the world by using fake news

Against White House advice, Trump does not swap his iPhones out

Barack Obama swapped his phone out every 30 days and did not have easy access to Twitter, a selfie camera or microphones. Donald Trump is all against that.

The “OnePlus 6 can’t Avenge net neutrality” Edition | #PNWeekly 305

Believe it or not, net neutrality has not been saved by this week’s Senate vote. And it probably won’t be if the House and Donald Trump have anything to do with it. That, plus the launch of the OnePlus 6 on this week’s show!

US Senate passes bill protecting net neutrality, likely a symbolic gesture

The House of Representatives and President Donald Trump aren’t likely to move this bill forward further, but it’s a big reminder for voters.

Latest iOS 11.4 beta includes USB Restricted Mode to spoil cops

The feature returns from the iOS 11.3 beta as it has skipped out on the public release. But what does this mean for law enforcement trying to use decryption box tools for iPhones in evidence?

FCC chairman complains about Twitter, waves hatchet at net neutrality rules

Ajit Pai attacked the microblogging platform at an event held by a libertarian think tank for its “liberal” values while promoting his Title II rollback.

Off-beat: Caviar Nokia 3310, the Putin-Trump Summit edition

In celebration of the meeting between the US and Russian presidents at the G-20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, a company decided to plate a Nokia 3310 in gold.

Chairman of Foxconn and Trump reportedly meeting

The two are expected to talk about Toshiba auctioning off its memory unit and a situation involving Westinghouse Nuclear Company.

TSMC in the US could happen, though it may not “be a good thing”

Apple’s biggest mobile chip supplier is cautious about setting up shop in the states given the costs. But if Donald Trump is commanding the government…

SoftBank orders Sprint to bring 5,000 new jobs to US, Trump supposedly a motivator

President-Elect Donald Trump said that the “head person” at Sprint called to thank him for making the move even possible.

Year End Tech Sales and Paying for Porn? | #PNWeekly 232

A bill in South Carolina would force consumers into paying for porn access on any computer purchased in the state. #PNWeekly podcast episode 232!

RIP Pebble and Apple’s business post iPhone | #PNWeekly 230

On our podcast, we rip into Fitbit’s handling of its acquisition of Pebble and look into our crystal balls (as if we don’t do that enough) on Apple.

American-Candian dating app, Maple Match, nigh doubled in user base last night

The dating app’s mission is to help Americans find romance with Canadians in order to marry into permanent residence in the Great White North.

Oculus faces developer backlash over founder’s politics

Palmer Luckey revealed that he was the vice president of a non-profit that advocated for a Donald Trump presidency. Oculus VR devs are leaving the platform.

Nexus Smartwatches, Brexit Price Increases, and Apple manufacturing shakedowns? | Pocketnow Weekly 208

Will Google deliver Nexus smartwatches? Brexit is already causing tech price hikes, and can Apple keep high profit margins? Pocketnow Weekly episode 208!

iOS 10 and Apple Watch BETA wrap up, and Net Neutrality Defended | Pocketnow Weekly 205

iOS 10 and Apple Watch BETA wrap up, we talk Net Neutrality’s defense in the courts, and what’s new in Bluetooth 5? Pocketnow Weekly Podcast episode 205!

HTC 10 perfection, LG G5 blemishes, encryption backdoors | Pocketnow Weekly 196

HTC says the 10 is perfection. Will LG G5 blemishes spoil this flagship? Another backdoor encryption bill is headed for the Senate. Pocketnow Weekly 196.