Verizon offers a bunch of half-off Moto Mods, including the Insta-Share Printer

If you’re in the market for one of Lenovo’s unique Moto Mods, Verizon has many available at 50 percent off list prices just ahead of Black Friday.

Polaroid Insta-Share Printer Moto Mod can turn your Moto Z into an instant photo printer

Priced at $200, and up for pre-orders already in the US, the aptly named Polaroid Insta-Share Printer Moto Mod blends modern and retro technology.

CES 2016 Day 3 wrap-up: AOT, HP, Intel, Samsung, and more

CES 2016 has officially started, and, it is pretty much over. That doesn’t mean that Day 3 (which is the official day one of CES) was a boring one. Click to see what you missed.

Polaroid Power and Snap series perpetuate company’s presence

Polaroid is trying to keep up its reputation as a consumer-friendly photography enabler by putting up a slew of smartphones at CES 2016.

Polaroid Selfie phone with rotating camera draws Oppo’s wrath

The Polaroid Selfie phone has an Oppo-N1-style rotating camera – and it’s so close a match that Oppo’s considering legal action.

Polaroid’s Seven-Inch M7 Tablet Is a Nice Google Nexus 7 Alternative

Polaroid also announced a seven-inch tablet at CES, the M7, to accompany its larger, ten-inch tablet. Check out the great price and the specs.

Polariod M10 Android Tablet: Hands-On (Video)

Polariod is getting into the tablet game; see just what it has to offer in our hands-on video with its M10 Android.

Polaroid Unveils iM1836 Android-Powered Camera

Polaroid has unveiled its own Android-powered camera and this time interchangeable lens are an option! Read the details!