After spy debacle, Huawei phones still sell well in Poland

Amid ongoing controversies in Europe, much less Poland, Huawei says it is maintaining good smartphone sales in the country.

Bottom and rear of Galaxy Note 9 seen in leaked poster

We see three new sides to the Galaxy Note 9 in an official-looking poster and also hear about a price tag coming out of Poland.

Huawei P20 lite pre-orders now live in Poland

If this is Huawei’s idea of a mid-range phone, it sure seems like a fairly expensive one. It’s coming out prior to the real stars of the series, the P20 and P20 Pro.

LG Q6 launch looks good for a go, at least in Poland, on July 11

And as it is summer in the country and LG is willingly and readily admitting that the letter “Q” is involved with it, why not a “BarbeQ” to celebrate?

Add cards to Android Pay directly from Bank of America, BNZ, USAA apps

Not only can you add Bank of America, BNZ, Discover, mBank and USAA cards to Android Pay, you don’t even need the Android Pay app for it.

T-Mobile Poland expecting two new Sony Xperia models next Q2

According to one of its designers, Sony may be loosening up on…