Michael Fisher AMA (Photo credit Jake Scaltreto)

Michael Fisher AMA: Join us on Reddit at 8pm ET!

You’ve got questions, and Pocketnow’s tech-review czar (hopefully) has some answers. Join us on the r/Android subreddit for the Michael Fisher AMA!

From Buff to Blogger: My CES 2015 Adventure (Pocketnow Insider)

Wonder what it’s like cover a trade show? Join Pocketnow contributor Hayato Huseman as he shares his behind-the-scenes view of CES 2015!

A final word from Taylor Martin

Our very own Taylor Martin is leaving the industry. Read one last post, a fond farewell, from him and find out where to continue following him!

What’s in our bag for IFA 2014: Pocketnow Insider

Wonder what equipment it takes to cover a show like IFA 2014? See what Taylor Martin and Michael Fisher will take with them to Berlin in Pocketnow Insider!

What’s on Michael’s Windows Phone: Pocketnow Insider

Find out what software Michael Fisher uses on his Lumia from day to day in the latest installment of the Pocketnow Insider: Windows Phone apps edition!
Perfect Smartphone

Pocketnow Insider: this is the phone the editors want right now

Rather than asking what phone they most wanted we asked the Pocketnow team what they’d like in their dream phone. You may be surprised what they had to say.
HTC Desire 816

What’s on Joe’s Android smartphone: Pocketnow Insider

The question I get asked more than any other is “what do you have on your phone?” That’s a great question! What does Joe the Android guy have on his phone?

Pocketnow Insider: what’s in Taylor Martin’s bag?

Ever wonder what a tech writer carries each day? Read this episode of What’s In My Bag to see what Taylor Martin carries in his day bag!

Taylor’s favorite Pebble watchapps for Android (Video)

In its current state, Pebble is pretty limited in functionality, but that can easily be changed. Here are the best watchapps for Pebble for Android users.

Pocketnow Insider: What’s in our bags for CES 2014 in Las Vegas?

CES 2014 in Las Vegas is a monstrous show. In order to prepare for something this large, we have to pack a lot of gear. Take a look inside our bags!

Pocketnow Weekly 076: inbox zero

Every week we get tons of listener mail that we put off. Not today. Welcome to the last Pocketnow Weekly podcast of the year, 076: “Inbox Zero!”

Pocketnow Insider: Michael Fisher’s top Windows Phone apps

We all play favorites at some point, and apps are no exception. Check out Michael’s favorite Windows Phone apps in our latest Pocketnow Insider video!

Pocketnow Insider: Taylor’s top Android and iOS apps

With over one million applications available to Android and iOS, it’s tough to pick favorites. Watch this video to learn Taylor’s top Android and iOS apps!

We just changed our review score for the LG G2. Here’s why.

Nobody’s perfect. While we’re proud of our LG G2 review, we recently corrected its final score, and we’d like to tell you why.

Gadgets galore: what we’re bringing to IFA 2013 in Berlin

It takes lots of gadgetry to cover a gadget-heavy show like IFA 2013 in Berlin. Here’s the glut of geekery Pocketnow is packing for Fall’s big tech show!

Get to know Pocketnow’s Adam Doud

Read this Curriculum Vitae and find out more about Pocketnow’s Adam Doud.

Pocketnow Weekly 056: two hours of your tech questions, answered

For episode 056 of the Pocketnow Weekly mobile technology podcast, five guys distill a month of listener mail into a 2-hour onslaught of knowledge-dropping.

Get to know Pocketnow’s Jaime Rivera

I’m going to start this by saying I’m sorry. Why? Well, Tony…
Who is Joe Levi

Get to know Pocketnow’s Joe Levi

Joe Levi is a husband, father, elected official, web developer, and tech enthusiast. This is the story of how he got to where he is today.

Get to know Pocketnow’s Taylor Martin

Taylor Martin is a phone junkie, sushi addict, and lover of tech. Get to know Pocketnow editor Taylor Martin in this episode of Pocketnow Insider.

Get to know Pocketnow’s Stephen Schenck

Hear the story of Pocketnow editor Stephen Schenck, including how he came to write for the site.

Get to know Pocketnow’s Michael Fisher

Editorial Director Michael Fisher is an actor, writer, YouTuber, Trekker, and much more. Get to know the Pocketnow editor in this episode of the Insider!

Pocketnow Weekly 047: Nokia EOS rumors, webOS sentimentalism, & a whole lotta outtakes

From nostalgic looks at webOS to the latest Nokia EOS rumors, we talk a ton of tech on this episode of the Pocketnow Weekly Podcast. Join us!

Get to know Pocketnow’s Adam Lein

Learn a little bit more about Pocketnow Senior Editor, Adam Z. Lein.

Pocketnow Insider: What’s on Taylor Martin’s smartphone?

We often get asked what apps we use or how we setup our devices. In this edition of Pocketnow Insider, Taylor explains his setup and what’s on his phone.