FTC asks six ‘major’ mobile, gaming and auto companies to revise their warranty policies
It’s against the law to void an automobile, gaming system or mobile phone’s warranty for use of third-party components or “unauthorized” repairs, which Nintendo, Sony, Hyundai and three other “major” companies seem to be ignoring.
European Sony Xperia XZ2 pre-orders come with some valuable freebies
Early Sony Xperia XZ2 adopters in the UK can get a free PlayStation VR headset or PlayStation 4 console, while in Germany, you can choose from a list of five possible gifts.
iPads, AirPods and Samsung tabs contributed to the biggest online sales day in history
This year’s Cyber Monday online sales represented a 16.8 percent surge from 2016, and mobile devices set new records for both visits and revenue.
Sony bundles PlayStation Camera with PlayStation VR for $399, $449 also buys you two controllers
The PlayStation Camera previously sold by Sony separate from the PlayStation VR is essentially free of charge now as a response to Rift and Vive discounts.
No mobile VR plans for Sony as it expands from gaming to video content
The PlayStation VR is due out soon and Sony is working to supply its customers with content of all sorts. There’s just nothing in the mobile arena, though.
‘Premium’ VR devices expected to prevail in 2016 value, with low-cost solutions dominating volume
The VR market will reportedly be dominated in 2016 by PC and console-based devices in terms of revenue, with phone-compatible products controlling volumes.
PlayStation VR may get to play with PC, but the PS4 comes first
But it’s only a possibility so far. A Sony executive talked deep about the PlayStation VR at the Game Developers Conference.
PlayStation VR core system kicks off its own pre-orders on March 29
If you don’t mind keeping its accessories to a bare necessities level, Sony’s PlayStation VR “core” system goes on pre-sales next week at $400.
PlayStation VR to come in October at $399
Want virtual reality for cheap? Want it for even cheaper if you’re a PS4 owner? Well, you now have a price and a date for the PlayStation VR.
Sony CEO talks future plans for image sensors, TVs, virtual reality, and more
Sony still doesn’t seem fully convinced smartphone glory is worth pursuing, while identifying image sensors and gaming devices as pivotal growth drivers.