Google Play Music bug prevents casting fresh 2019 songs

There’s a Google Play Music bug that prevents users from casting fresh, 2019, songs to connected speakers. Google is aware of the problem.

Google Podcasts inching closer to existence

There’s code from an upcoming version of the Google Android app that signals a dedicated app for podcasts. They’re currently tucked into Google Play Music.

Google’s YouTube-based music streaming service could be only a few months away

Even though Google Play Music and YouTube Red are far less popular than the search giant had probably hoped, a combo service of sorts is coming.

Android games, apps, movies and books feature on Google’s list of Play Store Black Friday deals

You can get a number of “premium” Android games at up to 80 percent off from Google Play, as well as free Play Music and heavily discounted books.

YouTube Red and Google Play Music officially eyed for ‘combination’ into one streaming ‘offering’

Confused about the differences between Google’s YouTube Red and Play Music streaming services and their selling points? That’s likely to change soon.

Newbies can now enjoy four full months of Google Play Music premium service free of charge

You absolutely cannot beat the affordability of Google Play Music, with the “premium” audio streaming service yet again going free for 120 days.

Starting with the Galaxy S8, Google Play Music is the only such service pre-loaded on Samsung devices

Google Play Music is the only audio player and music streaming service users of Samsung phones and tablets need starting with the Galaxy S8 today.

All-new Google Play Music app rethinks the home screen, using machine learning to constantly transform

Gear up for a substantially improved Google Play Music streaming experience, centered on machine learning and user personalization.

Google Play Music comes to India, but without All Access subscriptions for now

Google Play Music follows Apple Music and precedes Spotify in India, with only individual audio purchases however available at the moment.

Google Play Family Library lets you share media with up to six people

Outlets are reporting that Google will let six people share apps, music, movies and books with each other on a single Google Play account.

TripAdvisor’s free new Android app also comes with gratis 2-month Play Music pass

The premium All Access tier of Google Play Music goes free for a full 60 days if you’re willing to try out TripAdvisor’s updated Android app.

Google finally flips the switch on Google Play Music podcasts

Six months after first being announced, Google Play Music podcasts are finally here.

Microsoft acquires Groove Music, Canadian app similar to Songza

Canadian startup Groove has been acquired by Microsoft. It draws against a move by Google to subsume a similar machine-learning music service called Songza.

Google Play Music podcast support has started going live

First promised last fall, Google Play Music podcast features are now starting to go live for select users.

January 31 marks end of OneDrive and BLU promos, Songza

OneDrive will reduce complimentary storage it offers to new users, the BLU VIVO XL is in for a price hike and Songza will be completely subsumed by Google.

Google welcomes podcasts to Play Music, coming soon

Google just announced forthcoming Google Play Music podcast support, making it easier for Android users to access their favorite shows.
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Google Play Music sounds like it’s about to pick up some Apple-style family pricing

Google may be about to copy Apple a bit, with a new $15 Play Music family plan option of its own.
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How Google killed its Play Music app for me

Google Play Music was a novel way of playing back your personal music collection from your CDs and tracks you’d bought from the cloud. Now it’s dead to me.
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Google Play Music has been wiping music stored on microSD cards, a fix is coming

A nasty Google Play Music bug has been spotted that’s been wiping downloaded and cached music off of some users’ SD cards. A fix is in the making.
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This week’s Google app-update Wednesday is a big one

This Update Wednesday’s a bit larger than normal, with a ton of new Google app updates hitting Android phones and tablets.

Google Play Music gets Songza-fied with new mood-based playlists

Discover the new Google Play Music Songza curated playlists arriving for subscribers today.

Google Play Music app on iOS updated to offer gapless playback, more new features

A Google Play Music iOS update has just landed on the App Store, bringing with it gapless playback and many more other Google-supplied goodies.