Gamer IDs come to Google Play Games: your new identity for Android gaming

Get the details on Google’s new Play Games Gamer ID, the new way to sign in even if you don’t use Google+.

Google Play Games sign-in and permissions process easing up

Play a lot of games on Android? Hate to have to keep seeing that Play Games login prompt every time you open up a game? Google’s about to stop its fronting.
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This week’s Google app-update Wednesday is a big one

This Update Wednesday’s a bit larger than normal, with a ton of new Google app updates hitting Android phones and tablets.

Google builds upon Play Games with addition of Quests, saved game improvements

Even gaming managed to make it on to Google’s I/O agenda this year, and we learn about a few new Google Play Games features coming to Play Services soon.

Google app updates: Play Games, Search (with parking support)

Learn about the changes present in today’s updates to Google Search and Play Games, including the new Google Now parking card.

Google Play Games adding gift-giving, cross-platform multiplayer

A load of new features are on their way to Google Play Games. Learn about the coming iOS Google Play Games cross-platform multiplayer, as well as the others

Google app updates: Play Games and TTS on Android, Gmail on iOS – see what’s new

Discover what’s new in today’s Google app updates for Gmail (iOS), Text-to-Speed (Android), and Play Games (Android).

Google Play Games continues with tradition of hidden Easter eggs

Check out what you’ll need to do to trigger the just-uncovered Google Play Games Easter egg.

Google launches Play Games app

Find out what smartphone gamers can look forward to in the new Google Play Games app.

Google Play Games: Revealed

Find out the latest on Google Play Games, the company’s new Andorid gaming service.