Google Pixelbook Go leaks ahead of October 15 launch

We get an early hands on with a Pixelbook Go prototype, complete with pictures and specs, spoiling Google’s laptop announcement too.

RIP Pixel Slate: Google exits the tablet business, focuses on laptops

Head of the Google hardware division confirmed that the company exists the tablet business as the hardware division will focus solely on laptops.

A history of failing: from Allo to RED | #PNWeekly 349

With the demise of some big mobile tech projects in recent weeks, we’re focusing on show on how they came to fall… to fail.

Don’t wait for a better Pixel Slate – Google pulls throttle on laptops and tablets

The company actually supposedly had a whole bunch of tablet and laptop projects down the pipeline when the staffing cuts took place.

Watch the Made by Google event live from 11am Eastern

If you want to get a first look at what Google has cooked up for the fall, you’ll want to stay tuned to this page for all the announcements.

Google Pixelbook or Pixel Slate codenamed Nocturne benchmarked

The rumored upcoming Google Pixelbook, or Google Pixel Slate, with the codename Nocturne, has popped up in benchmarks revealing some specs.

Upcoming Google Pixelbook with detachable keyboard leaked in video

The device featured in this video leak seems to suggest a Pixelbook refresh coming, with a narrow bezel, and detachable keyboard.

Chromebooks with fingerprint sensors are just a matter of time

We may soon get fingerprint sensors and facial recognition in the future Chromebooks, maybe even as soon as the new Pixelbooks arrive

“Campfire” Chromebooks will allow for Windows 10 boot option

Engineers have been working overtime to make this feature as universal as possible for Chromebooks that have the space for a Windows 10 ROM.

The Pixelbook and other Chromebooks might get the Google Camera app

Picture and Video quality might be greatly improved in the Pixelbook and future Chromebooks thanks to the Google Camera app

The Google Pixelbook gets almost $300 off on Amazon

New discounts come to the Google Pixelbook in Amazon in a pretty powerful Chromebook with a Core i5 processor

Best Buy clearing stock of 256GB Pixelbook at $479 off

That’s $719. If you’re a student, it can cost less than $650. But you’re going to have to do some research, march into a store and call for a price check.

Evidence is mounting on Google’s intentions to seek Pixelbook Windows 10 certification

How would you like to run both Chrome OS and Windows 10 on Google’s ultra-high-end Pixelbook… officially? Believe it or not, it could happen soon.

Everything from the Pixel 2 XL to the Pixelbook, Google Home Max and Mini is on sale right now

US Google Store shoppers can get some decent discounts on the Pixel 2 XL smartphone, Pixelbook laptop and Google Home, Home Max and Mini smart speakers through June 17.

Google’s expensive Pixelbook is slightly more affordable this Mother’s Day

A $100 discount across Pixelbook variants is far from enough to make the 2-in-1 Chrome OS laptop a bargain, but it’s certainly better than nothing.

US vs. ZTE: a fight for survival | #PNWeekly 301

The US government has blocked ZTE from sourcing anything from American companies while Apple’s CEO says Macs and iPads on their own are the best at what they do. All on our show this week!

Pixelbook “AltOS” scheme could bring Windows as an option

Chrome OS developers are working on an alternative OS picker interface for the Pixelbook. What alternatives do user have? Someone said Windows in here.

Google Pixelbook deals start at $100 off, more for students

Those needing a university upgrade can get a maximum of $255 off of a top-end Pixelbook — that’s with an Intel Core i7 processor.

No breaks for Huawei or HTC | #PNWeekly 292

One of these companies has been taken to the wringer by the US government and itself. The other loses an executive, a sad yearly tradition. We discuss both on our show!

Google Pixelbook sleeve is $100

It’s just a freaking sleeve for a freaking Chromebook. Does it have to cost that much? Others are selling theirs at $50. Microfiber this and that, what’s going on?

Google’s Fuchsia OS sets sights on Pixelbook and other devices

Testing has begun on all sorts of hardware including the Chrome OS-running Pixelbook. Ways to install Fuchsia have been found.

Pixel C ends run at Google Store

The premium Android tablet of 2015 that was rumored to have been the start to a revamp of Chrome OS is now off the first-party retail outlet.

Core i7 Google Pixelbook now available for January delivery, small discount included

You can finally order the best possible Pixelbook configuration from the US Google Store, and receive it in early January alongside a complimentary Google Home.

Google Pixelbook comes with $100 discount in all configurations, Google Home included

If all you want for Christmas is a Chrome OS laptop at…

Google Pixel 2 and 2 XL come with free $100 store credit and Google Home Mini for limited time

The free Google Home Mini bundled with the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL isn’t worth much right now, but that $100 store credit sounds pretty sweet.